I need your help

The problem is that I formatted my system and switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I restored Metamask using my phrases.

The installation worked, but the ETH address issued to me is a new account different from my previous address which has my assets which includes ETH network, Binance Smart Chain network and also xDai network.

My old eth account is this (0xA9d39281Ca26A7304020E852bB5E2B6a8F9a0F78) back and I was giving this one (0x70ec5fFcf33a325723c5a22A0DAc192089EDb20d).

I plead with the management team to please assist in recovering my old account with the assets in it as stated above.

Kind regards,

If you use the same private key, you should have access to your ‘old’ eth account, just try creating a new wallet/account in metamask.

Metamask won’t give you a new address when you restore with the seed phrase.
Is it possible you had more than one address at your old wallet?
If so, add accounts until the right address shows up.
Otherwise, you used the wrong seed phrase.

Also, to be clear, we are not Metamask support and have no special access or insight to how Metamask works.

I am very sorry you are experiencing this frustration.

You either had more than one address at that seed phrase or you did not use the correct seed phrase.

The reason the management team is not responding is that we are a decentralized DAO and do not have a management team.


Happy to try help you man, we can continue our dm convo or if you want instant chat which might be easier, i’m in the 1hive discord as clip (clip#3403)

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Thanks for the advice.

I will check it out today and get back to you…