I was asked to speak on 1Hive at MetaFest on DAO Day, the 18th

Hmm… people must be tired.
@lkngtn is already booked to do this.

This will be a little less pressure than DAO Rush Week Open House, and at the moment I’m thinking I don’t need visuals… but now I’m thinking maybe I do.

There’s just a half hour slot for talk and questions and I’m also a mod, so I can’t just keep going until they cut my mic.

This might be a good time to introduce Tulip as lp rewards are quite the buzz lately and people are excited to see what is coming out of 1Hive next.

I’m thinking someone from Agave should do a talk on Defi Day, the 16th, and I’ve already talked to sand3sh about representing the adorable NFT game, whose name is up-in-the-air at the moment, but I’m not sure the best time to talk about the game.

It looks like the Minecraft server for game week will be absolutely stunning!
Nice work!

I’m not sure what else to get into.
Week three will be workshops and week 4 is hack sessions.

I’m not sure what we’re doing tomorrow.
Today we played Pictionary on Nifty Ink and people got NFTs of the drawings. That was cool.

We’re hoping to do Nifty Chess as well.
It seems to be working except I can’t figure out how to find the NFTs from that…
And @anisoptera hooked me up with what looks like a good Go site to set of a tournament. I really think we can make those games into NFTs too.

This isn’t all 1Hive of course…
Just letting you know what’s up this week so far with MetaFest and happy to take input for topics in my talks about Kshazu and 1Hive… two different talks…

Also, have a great week.


I know that you will represent as well!

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If you have a proposal and would like to discuss it please create a separate thread.

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