I would like to propose get some DYDX (XDYDX)

I would like to propose bringing a DYDX clone to Xdai chain for swaps and derivatives on chain starting with dydx. It would automatically attract a great amount of liquidity so I think it would take off extremely quickly

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Currently dydx itself already trying to expand their service to layer 2 sidechain in closed alpha.

Why u think Dydx must be in the xdai chain?

DYDX just an example but what i mean is derivatives futures and maybe can combine it with options. I would much rather trade derivatives on chain than at binance.

Also the options that are available are still only able to be bought and sold after you own a contract, I havent seen anything where you can sell options to fund other trades, rather than just buying premium

I think a derivatives platform at least offering perpetuals should be here by now. I just see it a no brainer that would immediately get use. Dydx is practically unusable right now, Having 100 to 200$ two way trips is just crazy.

I would love to have all my trades on chain, I definitely think its future for trading and X_dai seems like a relatively simple. Everyone’s cloning Liquidity farming platforms left and right, seems like open opportunity for anyone with willing and know how, I would definitely use it and i trade for a living, Something would have to be done to allow super-fast entries and exits that X_Dai stake could provide, Something would have to be done to allow faster execution (signing a contract)