ICYM Agave Rush Week

In case you weren’t able to tune in live to the Agave Rush Week AMA Extravaganza! @D0SH has done the noble deed of preparing it and getting it up onto YouTube for all to enjoy.

Please be advised that the POAPs were only for those who attended live. We plan on doing more live events like these in the future, so look out for those announcements. Feel free to drop any questions that weren’t covered and we can answer them here as well as in our next recorded event.

If you enjoy it, then you know the drill: Like, Share, and Subscribe :pray:t4:


Great work @D0SH and @CurlyBracketEffect I hope at some point to listen in Spanish

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Making the Spanish version could be great, but not indispensable.

Hola!, lo vi completo en Español. se puede señalar al comienso que se pueden ingresar subtitulos automaticamente a traves de Youtube.

@Chile1hive I had not thought about it, I will see it with subtitles, thanks Greetings :earth_americas: