IdaMurni care of Homeless people

Winter is there Christmast is near, and there is still alot of Homeless in our Town.
collect everything you can get from home, any stuff you never used or have much left, Clothes, food, anything you can get. please share love with them all! share Christmast with Everybody!

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Give man a fish…

Fortunately, where I live, there aren’t many homeless people, and if there are, mostly the reason is alcoholism. They got their squats and places to get warm & drink, so I’m not worried about them having nothing to wear, even though I got a bunch of old clothes safely stored in my shack (which I’ll be glad to get rid of or repurpose, once I’m done with renovating the house).

I could already dump them all into one of these free-standing containers, but (fortunately or not), these are nearly always full. How these companies work, is they take the clothes somebody donates, hire workers to seep through the clothes, and sell for a price (not always a low one) - then, the money is distributed to foundations and charities, which either provide the help, or not.

These T-shirts with tiny holes in them you threw in? Well, no one sewed them - these got shredded into pieces.

But how can I trust these companies, if I constantly see full containers and these people dressed poorly (yet, at times, better than I - since I don’t mind my apperance, and usually wear stuff until it wears off and is literally unusable… the worst stuff I leave for dirty work and rugs).

Last week, I had to buy myself some hooks to hang up the curtain rods. I seen these fellas, well dressed, scrapping a dumpster. Walking by, I threw in:
-That’s such a nice flower pot they threw away.
The fellas looked at me, but I kept walking. Bought what had to be bought, and were walking back the same alley.
The same time I had been passing the dumpster, I hear:
“-Oh, there’s some cooler fluids for the car!”
And I just say: “Yeah, I’ll take some.”

One of them simply handed it to me and said “you’re welcome”. The other looked at me like a dog with a bone… “he wouldn’t give it to you”.

I said thanks, and took it, knowing that glycol has a long shelf life, and doesn’t decompose that easily. All I’m glad is that there weren’t any cops passing by, as I’d get in trouble for… stealing. Yes. That is in fact considered stealing - regardless of what happens to the trash.

I’ve seen those videos and how much money can dump scavenging make you. Some people even drop off working motorcycles near the dumpsters - be it because those cycles are stolen, or someone rich had a better ride from that place, and his friends drove him.

But where am I going with this? Well, I suppose I just want to say one thing: you’re stupid.

You’re stupid, and so am I. Because as long as I got ideas on how to get rid of the problem of homelessness, neither you or I had done so already. But why? Well, it’s because there are obstacles on our way. The way the system and finances are arranged, how it’s more optimal for a company to fill a landfill than to set dumping prices (which is illegal!), or how it is difficult for a company to start a repurposing industry and re-label them as something else, due to anti-monopolistic policies and stuff.

Now, what I’m saying is - neither your or I, or both of us, have got enough money to break these bad habits of the system.

Now, this is where the cryptocurrencies come into a play. It seems unrealistic, but the internet society had slowly realized that you are capable of printing out money. Well, not that it went into the right direction, but certainly, did become an economic backup.

But how are you going to distribute the money to those who really need it?

This question has an answer and I will not get into it, because I am getting off track with my post.

You want to give them the stuff for free. I’d say it doesn’t help with the problem.

My question is - are you capable of talking these people into spreading information on any of these cryptoUBI projects that are out there on the web?

Would these people even care that someone has them on their mind, and thoroughly believes all of us ought to have the right to receive it?

You’re encouraging me to give them the clothes. I will encourage you to say: give them a job, and pay them with clothes. No matter how well they’ll do at it, its better for two reasons:

It reassures them they’re capable of working on something, and they get what they need.

If you can’t spend these two minutes of talk with them, it only makes me think that you don’t want to REALLY help these people. You want your ego to feel better with what you’ve done.

I won’t dare you to change my mind, because you won’t do so.

Also, beware of the pogonip. Winter is near, indeed.

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