Ideas for 1Hive Radio

Since Luke introduced the 1hive radio channel I’ve been sort of brainstorming around that idea; is something that I’m particularly really interested in, so yep, wrote some stuff:

Radio Programming

  • DAOn to Earth with CurlyBracketEffect
  • Crypto news/analysis
  • Church hour
  • Music events
    *Note: Just collected here some of the stuff that was said on the #1hive-radio channel

Distribution channels

  • Live setting: using our stage channel to broadcast live the shows, receiving constant feedback and engaging with the community.
  • Anchor: haven’t used this myself yet but this seems to be the best way to get our podcasts distributed to all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc) (and it’s free).
  • SoundCloud: Putting this here but I don’t think this is a good option, we would have to subscribe as the free user is limited to 3 hours of uploads; and while we could, with a declining user base, isn’t probably worth it, anyways is still an option.
  • Audius: This is a relatively new blockchain-based SoundCloud competitor built on mainnet and with their own token, $AUDIO. They’ve been growing nicely and probably a good option.

Audio specifications

I think it’s important for us to set certain standarization on the technical side for these projects; this way we can ensure that all episodes have a constant volume, and that any sound engineer can do the job with ease.

I’ve seen that Podcasts tend to be mastered at around -16 LUFS long term and -1dBTP, and I agree with setting that as our standard.

Productiveness of the radio

We can do this just because, but this can be more than just for fun.

There are a couple of ways we could earn some money with this as selling ad-space in some of the shows and probably through the Audius platform I mentioned above.

Anyways, I don’t see this being made necessarily to make revenue per se but probably as an extension to buzz’s marketing efforts to spread the word and mantain/increase engagement with the content and activities organized here.

Keeping up with this idea, I recently had a talk with a fellow Spanish-speaking member who confessed he didn’t know much about crypto yet. And if 1hive is a project focused on community, why not planning some activities on educating the bees? I imagine organizing a couple of general crypto leanring calls a month in english but also in spanish being something worth exploring and relevant to our community. (That’s just one example but would we pretty cool to brainstorm some ideas for activities, that could also help us mantain some movement in between announcements, that are usually really slow times.)

We could as well give a couple of cred points for attending some relevant calls as an incentive to also keep engagement rates high(?)

Radio platform

This is an original idea by friΞd
Could be cool to eventually develop a decentralized radio-like platform where the content playing, music or podcasts, etc, is minted as NFTs.

Maybe we aren’t that serious/interested about taking the time to develop towards this area but didn’t wanted to leave this out.

What would we need?


A team that should be in charge of developing and maintaining the shows, with tasks like ensuring every show has what it needs (guests, resources that might need, info for every show, etc)


In order for the content to be distributed we need some people in charge of doing that

Audio engineering

If we want to distribute the content the best way possible it’s likely to need some light editing and mastering as mentioned at audio specifications. This should be a relatively easy task, but someone has to do it.

Audio assets

I don’t know if we want this but we could use some sort of intro/outro for the shows, this could be some sort of one-time bounty

I look forward to see what’s the sentiment here for something like this and if there’s people interested in contributing and make this happen :smiley:


This is really great and I can help you by listening to the podcasts. :grin: :sweat_smile:


Great ideas Eenti - I’m happy to pitch in with this initiative! :honeybee:
I have some experience with multimedia editing and SoundCloud. :slightly_smiling_face:
What are you using atm to record/edit/master @CurlyBracketEffect ?

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Mic: Blue Yeti
Recording Software: Audio Hijack
Editing: Audacity

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Yeah, there are definitely some cool ideas here.

I have been learning a lot about recording and editing audio through this…not too sure if I have been following those specs though.

I think having more shows around other topics would be really cool.

I love the idea of a “Church hour” where someone just rants (gives a sermon) about crypto. I would love that. That could be a rotating speaker maybe. Volunteer basis and if the roster gets too full we can have a vote to see who will “preach” that week.

Music events would also be really rad.

I need to take a look at what Audius is all about.

I would be willing to some “office hours” to help new folks in the crypto space get up to speed.

@twells had a great idea to help me out with in/outros for D2E (DAOn To Earth?)…I hope that works out. Either way, it would be cool to get some help with that.


This is a great idea. If you can help me, I can help. I read it and thank you for your time.

These are great ideas.

I’ve been doing a few years of crypto podcasting and @CurlyBracketEffect right on the money in terms of software and equipment.

Is this looking to be pushed organically or with the advertising being offered, with those resources be used to further trumpet the 1Hive project to blockchain enthusiasts? No DAO, as far as I’ve seen, have picked-up any sort of visibility effort on this type so I think this one is one worth running with.

Luke is a well-spring of good ideas and this definitely falls in that camp.


I love your spirit of teamwork.

@eenti I’m hoping the programmers pick some hours during the week and replay interviews, from different DAOs as well, as we gain material to fill the time slots.


Awesome! Thanks for showing interest. I think we should try to set up a meeting with everyone interested, got lots of ideas but need some help putting them back DAOn To Earth hahaha.

Yeah, anyways if I remember correctly you have some experience in podcasting, so you probably reached a similar level just by ear.

For now it has basically all the same functions as SoundCloud, with the token being used only for governance. They’re currently working towards more use cases for $AUDIO within the platform.

I’m even a bit more interested in these activities than the podcast themselves.

Don’t get me wrong lol both serve a purpose but I think there’s a really big scope for these kinds of projects to further fidelize the community and might give us even more advantage and leverage on the engagement when compared to other crypto communities.

@saeed.sjd sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying :sweat_smile:.

@altcoins well, most of that stuff is still to be determined, this is more a call to action to everyone who might want to participate here and figure it out together.

Anyways it’s likely to be used as some sort of marketing and community strategy. How I see it, right now 1Hive is a bit of a high level community that requires a lot of effort from users to keep up with it and while that’s absolutely perfect and creates some great level of fidelity, I don’t think we have mechanisms yet to atract and maintain people that might want to be part of the community without having to be as involved as a lot of us here.

As result of that, I’ve noticed we lack some movement at times where we don’t have any particular announcement or project being released and to my understanding, that has some effects in the usage of our products in the space.

Now that we are officialy a multichain community, I think putting some effort into expanding and maintaning other levels of the community is not only worth it but necessary.

TLDR; yeah, agree lol

I think at some extent this covers your comment @metaverde appreciate your always on point feedback, there’s a lot we can do with this, we just have to find a way to properly organize it. Happy to see the decent amount of interest around here :smiley:


@eenti mate … great effort in collating and posting the idea. I really like the discussion shaping up in this thread and will be a loyal listener for sure. I attended a few friday Cafe calls and some DAOn to Earths and I have to say we have some high quality content and speakers in our community including curly and luke.
I am really excited to see where this convo lands and if we can make 1Hive Radio work. I think there is so many possibilities and for someone like me that wants to keep myself updated and cant always join the cafe or other great talks, it would be great if i can just listen to the content at a time that suits me!!

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I like the multichain push. Happy to build this out further conceptually on the Discord and get to recording.

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Love what you are working on here!

Will users have the ability to submit song requests to a playlist for the music events?


I think it will depend on the activity, DJs don’t usually like to be asked to play songs :sweat_smile: but we can have some people’s choice music events

Metagame has radio. Daohaus has haus parties. Auryn has twitter spaces.

It bothers me how uncooperative things are.

It doesnt take much to build something larger than yourselves and then open up to a larger community.

This is a problem with the 1hive culture that ought to be given more consideration.

I’m not sure where the problem is… there was a conversation and some sentiment about fulfilling our needs of some community content and we’re just trying to get that done.

This was just a draft and definitely there’s a lot of cool stuff to do, but first we have to figure out what makes sense for us don’t you think?


I dont really. I think at the least people ought to be compatible or interlinked with metagame.

I dont exactly know what the best strategy is but ive been sharing useful ideas over there and metaverde has been interested in building a program (on both?)

And they are building in the same way 1hive is.

I’d like to see more lateral connections.

Its not a criticism of what you are building — just your neighbors are building the same thing right now, with the same people.

I think the Discord Cafe voice hangouts provide that connectivity that is imperative to build a group’s cohesiveness, but also the Discord Group DM’s for a project are imperative for building rapport and setting milestones. It’s tough with a decentralized group to build that rapport, but efforts need to be made so that’s why I like that people take the time to schedule meetings in the Cafe to connect.

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It might be cool to have this be a collection of different kinds of podcasts by members of the community. almost like 1hive is a podcast network. that way we don’t run the risk of putting things in the “main” podcast that members might not agree with. just a thought.

I’m also a music producer and audio engineer. so I would love to help out on the technical and audio editing side.