I'm a college student and I want to do some contributions

Hey devs, I’m a college student majoring in AI and I’m really interested in blockchain development. I see great potential in xDai chain and find 1Hive a pretty cool community. I want to learn more about blockchain development through some voluntary work, and I hope I could make some contribution to the community.

What kind of skills do I need to engage? I can code Python and Java, and now I’m learning Solidity from scratch. I know some basic web development but temporarily lack experience in real projects. I hope you can show me directions and give me some advice. I want to know where to start and what’s the critical part.

I’m pretty interested in HoneySwap v3. I think we can build something unique with the advantage of the whole 1Hive ecosystem. Many innovations in DEX are being made on the mainnet but those giants are suffering from expensive fees and network congestion. With xDai’s efficiency and speed we can make a difference.


I too am a fellow college student looking to get into some fun projects and just migrated over to the xDai network a few days ago. I am majoring in VLSI. I caught the blockchain bug and xDai is a perfect playground.


@LeSai @YukiuraKojin Welcome aboard guys! Make sure to join the discord, there’s a lot of different project going on at the same time. Make sure to join #dev channel and talk to us, maybe we can find you some tasks to get started!