I'm planning a Twitter storm

If anyone has ideas about that.
I think we need a sustained campaign of at least 4 but better six or eight Tweets a day ongoing.
One maybe twice a day with links to easily accessible 1Hive information, not behind the BrightID wall on Discord.
Like Telegram and the Landing Page, but until then our Discourse…
with a recognizable infographic.
One with an infographic related to one of the tutorials on 1Hive… how to set up a Metamask, how to add xdai to Metamask.
Maybe we have a page “What is a DAO”?
Idk. That once a day, or two different ones a day, at least a couple a day mentioning collaboration with other projects.
Links to articles about that would be great.
We do need more writers.
Other ideas?
Maybe feature NFT’s entered in the contest, but probably afterwards…
Lol… we could have a “GitHub issue of the day” Tweet and maybe get some good pull requests that way.
Help me out here.

I found this article to be super helpful:
Twitter strategy by Leo Widrich, cofounder of Buffer.


Have we got a wiki yet, or an easy, single, one page, that adequately explains what honeyswap is, how to bridge tokens, explains the swaps are near instant with less than $0.01 fee every time, no gas price increases, and easily summarizes/sells the benefits?

IF not, I really think that should be completed first, then used for tweeting. If people follow the tweets, find the content confusing, they will give up and likely never return again.

It’s great that discourse has all the information and maybe linking them to FAQ thread or getting started thread is suitable

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What is important about 1Hive is the cooperation with other DAOs and decentralized projects, our governance model and organization, the fact that we’re on xdai but portable, and our combination of so many projects and getting them working together as a package.

We have many accessible extremely high quality tutorials that can be linked directly in Tweets. We have plenty of assets to share.
There are already people looking for information that we have.

We already have a Twitter account.
Not using it max looks sketch.
The question is not should we proceed but rather looking for inputs on things to Tweet and an appropriate ratio at this point.

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They are high quality but they are not exactly simple. The kickstarter/jumpstarter thread is massive, heavy reading, and the part about how to bridge your tokens to xdai gets lost in the middle. I might be looking at the wrong thing, can you post one that you would suggest linking to as an example?

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I would have to ho through them.
I’m open to suggestions.

Well i’m not a designer or marketer at all, but I think a 1 page simple infographic like this would be great…

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Great idea with Tweets! Plus we might need Chico :slight_smile: he likes honeyswap and said that he is very active here. He has more that 20.000 viewers, however, he is busy as hell…

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