Important changes to xDai bridges

The POA (stake/xdai) team have announced a major upgrade to the xDai bridge which will impact the way users interact with the bridge.

The process will now consist of two steps:

  1. initiate the withdrawal by sending a transaction in the xDai chain
  2. finalize the withdrawal by sending a transaction to the Ethereum Mainnet

The only supported bridge right now for this is This means do not use &

If however you have used or, and your funds have not appeared on the other side, goto, switch Metamask to the Ethereum Mainnet, click “Haven’t recieved your token?” Next insert your original transaction hash which can be found on blockscout.


Does that mean that the regular DAI Bridge ( and Omnibridge ( shouldn’t be used any more?

it seems wrote here than only The only supported bridge right now for this is

Good question about the Dai/Omnibridges. I think these have been updated because they’re setup by POA (not external to the organization). But if someone whose used these can confirm that would be great.

what is the best way to transfer USDT to XDAI?

It appears that the only supported bridge is currently the DAI-XDAI bridge from Ethereum to the xDAI chain.

It just occurred to me that this may be how to get the USDT onto the XDAI chain and not changed into XDAI…

In which case you should be able to use the token bridge.
I haven’t bridged anything but DAI yet, so Idk deets.

Tether is already bridged, so it should be straightforward.
I plan to play around with bridging other tokens today.

The first time I use a new interface with my wallet I use a wallet with limited assets so that I don’t accidentally send them into oblivion.

I would swap the USDT for DAI then use the above recommended bridge to bridge the DAI to XDAI.

Do you have the XDAI chain installed on your wallet?
You want to be sure you’re using a compatible wallet before you send your DAI.

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I just checked out the xDAI bridge at, which is the one I had been using,
and it was going to send my xDAI to a new unrecognized address!!!

:grimacing: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

I always used that one, that’s why I asked above.
It still works, but they added a step:
Now you need to claim your DAI on the Eth Main net after it’s bridged from the xDai chain.

So you need one extra Eth transaction. Worked fine and I can understand that they were tired of paying fees for everyone.

DYOR, I tried with 10 xDai first (minimum amount), then a larger amount.


Is it all prompted or do I have to get tricksy?
(NM, I’ll dmor. TY.)

Also, that makes sense.

I was using omnibridge 2 days ago it worked . They changed the fee now when you withdraw you pay bigger fee to ballance INS and OUTS , On both sides… It would be shame if the omnibridge does not function now… Think it must work i will let you know.

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so you now buy 1 more fees for eth mainnet ~ still think there should be easier way for transforming erc20 token to xdei simpler and faster ~~ this problem not only dai have it ~ also matic too

chian link also going to have it thing ~ so i think theres going something linking all these together ~~

i did the same thing i send 10xdai to test it out ~ well the fees are too high for only 10xdai ~ it took me 5$ and if i wants to buy something with last 5$ i got i cant because it will be gone for fees too xD ~~

so you only should send 1000$ for having less pain

not sure how this still going ~~

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Yeah Omnibridge app works, its just that you need to pay more now when you bridge from xdai to main ethereum network. As always its not profitable to transfer small sums, make sure and try to minimize the fees by simplifying the steps in the transfers.

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yesterday i lost 20$ worth of $LAYER because i did not open the transaction window to see where the LAYER went… also the history button don’t work on the omnibridge. i read the howto after. yes i know

look at block scout to get the hash ~ then click Haven’t received your tokens ? the post your hash ~

it will take sometimes but you get your token back

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thank you.
will try that out now.

yeah it worked!
It went into the newly minted pool.
I am the first to have brought LAYER to HONEY. :slight_smile:

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