Improvements to our discord server

Lately I’ve been involved in a couple of discussions about improvements that could be made to our discord server in order to keep it more organized and easier for newbies and regulars. With those conversations in mind, I have designed a layout that could help us do the amazing job we’ve been doing a little better.

General guidelines

  • Ensure channel descriptions are up to date
  • Clean pinned posts that are no longer useful and add new ones if needed (probably all channels need at least one pinned post pointing to their respective wiki or similar, except for Social Rooms that are pretty self explanatory)
  • Avoid duplicated channels (like the swarms channels on the bees section)

Current Layout



All the latest and greatest things!

  • Could be used more
  • Pinned posts aren’t particularly needed here but might be useful to add basic ones (Wiki, Honeypot, Forum, etc)
  • Is that description the best one?

Code of Conduct

No description

  • I think it’s fine although could be merged with #Info (if used as described below)


  • As how is used now it’s redundant with the #Announcements channel
  • It could be used as #Code of conduct, being a static channel (not updated) that maintains a small number of messages pointing to useful resources for newbies and regulars (wiki, forum, telegram, etc)


Self-assign roles for Swarms and more here

  • All good here



All the things!

  • All good here


To connect your account with Pollen:

  • It’s fine as it is although could be moved to another section(?)


Meme driven development FTW

  • All good here


Honey is money!

  • All good here


Discuss proposals here. Note that Discord is not good for long form discussions, so if you have a point you really want to be heard, please replicate it on the forums

  • A shorter description might be better, “Discuss proposals here” should be enough.

Bot commands

Use this channel to talk to one of our many resident bots: Discord - 1Hive

  • All good here


No description

  • Unclear what is it about, a description would be useful
  • Not an active channel, is it worth keeping it?


Help, Help-es, Help-fr and Bug Report channels

Ask for help on anything 1hive related or help your fellow community members

  • I think they’re fine, probably worth cleaning pinned posts so we only keep the ones we really need


Give constructive criticism or praise on 1hive projects (Honey Pot, The Faucet, Honeyswap etc.)

  • Unused channel that’s not worth keeping IMO, feedback is always given in the respective channel of each swarm/topic/product


Overall Bees section

  • We might consider making this section more topic-oriented e.g. a Proposals channel would contain discussion for proposals, celeste, honeypot, etc


Status updates from contributors

  • Renaming it to Updates(?)
  • Move the chanel to Swarms section
  • Budget allocated in Support swarm for the one who makes the update of each swarm (~$30/hr? or probably better with a fixed rate that could vary on slow or extremely high weeks(?))


Overall Swarms section

  • Not much to say here, probably just worth checking descriptions and pinned posts

Social rooms

Overall Social Rooms section

  • Some channels could be merged as Café and Lounge, and while they are all pretty much self explanatory, a small description doesn’t hurt

Suggested Layout


  • Announcements
  • Code of conduct
  • Info (if used as described above, if not might be worth deleting)
  • Roles


  • General
  • Honey
  • Memes
  • Onboarding
  • Bot commands
  • Polling


  • Help
  • Help-es
  • Help-fr
  • Bug report
  • Feedback


Disclaimer - I surely need some help with this as I don’t really know all topics that are spread across all swarms

  • Nominations
  • Proposals
    • This cointains Proposals and Celeste talk
  • Promotion
    • This contains Buzz, Alvin, etc
  • Social curation
  • DeFi
    • This contains Flora, Honeyswap, Agave, etc talk
  • Art (?)
    • This contains Canon, design, etc talk
  • Dev
    • This cointains Flora, Morphosis(?), dev, etc


  • All swarms channels

Social Rooms

  • Cafe
  • Lounge
  • Library
  • Arcade
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen
  • Gallery

Props to @Paddington, @project_uwb, @befitsandpiper and all the others that contributed.


I think keeping the lounge channel makes sense. There are times when we need 2 channels where live chats happen, and it makes sense to have 2 channels for these conversations probably. I suppose the text chats could be merged, and we keep the 2 voice chats, but I’m not sure.

I’m unsure on the way the bees channels are set up here, if we maybe need 1-2 more channels there, but I need to think about it more to give concrete feedback.


yeah, luke told me that heh, we can agree on keeping the lounge channel

@eenti thanks for all the effort you put into starting this off! I am sure this will definitely lead for a much easier onboarding of new beez to the 1Hive discord! Are you continuing evolving the ideas on the Hacker MD page or is feedback now through this forum post? I might look into this more when i get a chance over the weekend!

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I don’t think we need to touch the hackmd again, we’ve been talking about that for quite some days now and this forum post is sort of the final gather of all the discussion.

From here I’m hoping other bees see this post, as the forum is better to discover information than hackmd, and add some final touches so we can implement the changes right away :slight_smile:

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@eenti unsure how this works, so I will start posing more replies here if i have additional content suggestions for the above post, as i am unsure if i can edit the original post. Please @ me if there is a better way to collate the information. I actually liked Hacker MD as it provided the space to edit easily with history. Could it be easier to have this post and collect comments but instead leave the actual editable document on Hacker MD with a link attached here?


  1. Announcements
  • Need to use this more to provide key updates, i am also thinking if it will be better if key proposals when set up on the forum are announced here. I have seen in other DeFI projects, key votes/ proposals are sent out as a @everyone in the announcement or governance channels.
  1. Roles
  • Could we may be provide additional assistance to new beez by asking them to select a specific group depending on their interest in broad Technical, marketing, casual etc.

3 Proposals

  • I guess we could pin each new proposal announcement in this channel so that the latest proposals are all linked in the one place. We will need to keep an eye on the pins and clean them up regularly - could be a simple bounty from someone in #fauna
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Maybe it would be an idea to add an new channel to the information section with a list of all the channels and explaining what they are used for. This way new users have a clear overview how to navigate the 1hive discord, without having to check the pinned post on every channel separately.

Right now the roles channel is kinda doing this already but only the swarms channels are described there, I think this could be extended with all the channels after the discord has been restructured according to the ideas that are suggested here.

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Sure, well, to continue with this convo further you can always do these comments in the Fauna channel, specially because Luke yesterday made some improvements to the layout I present here.

I like the 1st suggestion a lot, I think sending key proposals there can be really useful.

About the second, yeah, we already have some descriptions for the roles; we could defenitely check if there’s room for improvement.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the 3rd one, seems cool although I don’t think it’s that necessary or benefitial.

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+1 sounds cool to me, we’ll have to see if it can be done :slight_smile:

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