In the case of bee colonies

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How does a weak bee colony grow and become strong?
Let’s discuss this, maybe it will be useful
Bees are basically strengthened by certain rules. They are dependent on the queen and take orders from it, and their work is collective. You and the bees act aimlessly and spontaneously. It is interesting that the bees make queens for themselves. Now the mating queen starts a new activity and starts spawning to increase the hive population. Now the bees are working but the goal The rules that the queen has set for them. It has categorized the bees and given them responsibility at different ages:
Worker bees:


Ages 1 to 3: Cleaning their cells

Age 3 to 6: Feeding old larvae with honey and pollen

Age 6 to 12: Feeding young and queen larvae with royal jelly

Age 13 to 20: Wax weaving, guarding, cleaning, nectar concentration and flight detection

Age 21 to the end of life: Bringing water, pollen, nectar, propolis into the hive

Queen Bee:
The queen’s job is to increase the colony population and lay eggs and rule the colony and the bees

Male bee:
Their job is to mate with the queen in the right season and ensure the survival of the offspring.


Bees do the job and the responsibility that they have. In addition to the responsibility that they have, they also help each other to make honey. Helping each other and their teamwork is one of the things that helps them. Grow fast and become strong.
I want to say that our society can also act like a hive, using group work and helping each other, as well as the rules and regulations that a person gives to bees as a queen so that this society can expand and grow, and like Be a strong hive.

I think people will see and inspect a beehive up close, which I am sure will be very amazing for them.
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I see some coincidences with 1hive

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Can you name some of them?
I think we can do group work, we can still help each other in different tasks, we can follow the rules of society and try to develop and strengthen this colony.

How interesting is the function of the bee community with human society
Each in each period has specific tasks of the same age period
If we can simulate the same thing in 1hive, I think it will work better in some activities.
Especially since they are similar :honeybee: :honey_pot: :clap:

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Yes, it is true that simulation can help a weak colony find some of its weaknesses and can grow rapidly and the colony grows and develops rapidly. Thank you.

now,all the roles or names and also the emphasize of working together i’ve seen here make sense…

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Yes, this is the case. Coordination and integration are very effective for the colony to achieve our goal.