Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Hello :honeybee:.Hope you are busy as bees are when they are at the job. :sunflower:

  • My name is PRM(abbreaviation). :smiling_imp:.
  • I was introduced to xDAI because I constantly search for new crypto projects that have an inclusive vision, so I first found you on, but the website design was new to me and I thought it is just another clone project. How wrong I was!
  • I am from Romania and I still live here. :joy:
  • I am a telecommunications engineer with a strong creative side(I was a creative before I became an engineer though :innocent:. My interest are quite spread out, I do artworks, illustrations and creative direction while reading about physics, psychology and technology that can be used for the good of the whole society.
  • Initiated in crypto during 2017, I have strong roots here(not the deepest, but still) and I invest in project that I believe in also. Happy UNI airdrop receiver also. :unicorn:.
  • Ah, almost forgot I own a tshirt brand(but not the merch type) based on education using fashion. Still working on it daily. :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:
  • I want to mix blockchain and fashion, still learning and experimenting to this day. Strong NFT believer because of my artistic goals.
    Multidisciplinary versatility describes me best.

Welcome! glad you found us. As far as I know we are not listed on or, we are working on it but because we actually launched the first Dex on xDai, and HNY has not been bridged out from xDai yet, getting listed on these sites requires a deeper integration than adding most other assets. Just wanted to clarify, because you may be trading on the wrong information.


Thanks for the concerns :innocent:. I found about xDai on
While reading on I found out about Honeyswap and after that I read about Honey :honeybee:
Ah, I think I’ve seen you on twitter, hope I am not making a mystake. I’m constantly searching for projects and quality people I can learn from. :smiling_imp:

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Hey guys :wave:

My name is Oliver and I am one of the core contributors for 1hive. I currently invest most of my time into the Tulip :tulip: swarm that maintains projects such as Honeyswap, Honeyswap Info and Honeycomb.

I’m not really good with making introductions or describing myself, so I’ll just list some quick facts. You can ask me anything on the Discord if you’re curious :slight_smile:

  • I joined 1hive back in the early days, @lkngtn introduced me :bowing_man:
  • I’ve worked at Aragon One with @lkngtn :eagle:
  • I joined crypto at a time where I could waste a lot of bitcoin on döner kebabs (and I did) :pensive:
  • I initially didn’t like the idea of Ethereum so I missed out on the ICO :pensive:
  • I’m libertarian-leaning :see_no_evil:
  • I’m from Denmark :denmark:
  • I’m a self-taught programmer, and I started programming at age 11 (so I’ve now spent 54% of my life programming) :thinking:
  • I dropped out of high school to work :grimacing:
  • I generally enjoy learning and problem solving :brain:

Hello, my name is Pablo Prohaska; i’m a self-taught freelance graphic designer / illustrator / art director based in Hermosillo, Sonora, México. I’ve always been into tech in general but never really digged deep into what crypto is all about until recently. I was introduced to crypto by a friend this past year but only recently started learning about the stuff that isn’t just bitcoin. Came across the aragon website and holy shit I think im in love with the concept of DAOs. I do believe these bring solutions to very complex human collaboration related problems and am excited to experience first hand how techonology and tools like these change the way humans work together for the better.

I’m interested in collaborating with illustration related material on the media campaigns side of things on 1hive, so if anyone has any needs that you think can be met by my hands don’t hesitate on messaging me. :smile:

Leaving a link to my book for reference on the work I’ve done in the past


Hello, I am Nleng, I don’t know if anyone here can help me. I sent 210 uni token, from Honeyswap, with my metamask connected to xdai chain, directly to my binance uni address.
I haven’t received the coins on Binance, is there anything I can do to recover the coins, or are they lost

@nleng see my reply to you in the help/support thread.

on discord, i’m trankil as well
i’m from france and working in Internet , i’m community manager and webmaster

i have discover 1hive by a friend who help me to be verified on brightid,
i will try to participate and help new people to understand the project


Hello Paolo @Arcticvs and everybody else!!

It took me some effort to get everything setup but many in the community helped me and I am thankful for that! I’m happy to provide liquidity now and in the future to farm Honey!!
This community I feel is special and great things will come out of it!!!



I am Mikko from Finland. In discord my Alias is Mikkop. I am a gardener and a keeper of bees. I have a little shy of a hectar permaculture field/orchard/what ever I think of next to plant. I have been thinking for a long time a solution to support a small hobbyist beekeepers. In Finland most of us are small time. I only have 2 hives currently and are not planning on expanding beoynd 10ish. What I am thinking of is a crypto solution of incentivising beekeepers to keep a hive. The hive would be eguipped with a sensor like ruuvitag ( or beehivemonitor ( and the data would be verified on monthly basis and a payout would be made accordinly. This would make it worth while to keep bees even if one would not be interested in honey… as in the actual honey. I have looked into buzzcoin and HONEY which were both MN coins but they really weren`t suitable. HNY seems a lot better for what I was thinking. Staying tuned and interested!


That’s a really cool idea, welcome!

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Hi everyone, Evan here. I’ve just started getting into the depths of DeFi in the past year and have just recently discovered xDai. I’m really excited to see what the xDai chain and HNY could bring to the crypto DeFi world.
I am by no means an expert in this field, but am looking forward to learn from this community and many other communities alike. I’d like to at the very least contribute to the world’s transition to decentralization one day at a time, one project at a time – until we eventually fully transition in the years to come.

Here we go!


Hi, my name is Alex and I live in Dublin.
I don’t have much experience in the crypto-blockchain world, but in today’s world you can educate yourself by watching videos and join friendly communities like this one :honeybee:. It also helps to have a technical background to understand some of the projects. I really like the concept of decentralized finance as a solution for the current centralized banking system.

1hive project looks very innovative and I feel happy to be part of something that will evolve organically.

The community here is great and I really appreciate all the work people put into making this project happen.

Many thanks! :honey_pot:


Hi everyone, my name is Felix. I lived in Canada, french canadian to be exact. I’ve learn about honey troughout the HNY faucter drop. I’m a software developper, fullstack to be exact. If i have some time I may even help with some pull request !

I’m happy to join this community, I always wanted to help a blockchain projet but didnt get the chance (or didn’t really take the time to)!


Hi all. I’m Petar from Bulgaria. I learned about 1Hive through the Crypt0 Youtube channel.

I’ve been following everything crypto since mid 2017 just before the crazy bull run started. A friend of mine suggested to me I should be paying attention to Bitcoin. Three years later I’m still here and even more excited about both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I’m a Social Media Marketing guy with 10+ years of experience. I’m not sure how I can participate in this community but I’m looking forward to helping and adding value to 1Hive one way or another.

I’m $BitcoinPetar on 1Hive’s Discord server. Come and say ‘Hi’. My DMs are currently open.


Hi everyone, I am Ramy and I am from the US. I heard about 1hive and honey from the XDAI group on TG, I am a big fan of what XDAI does in the space and believe they are going to have big impact in the near future. I am excited about 1hive as they are growing the presence in the space everyday. It is always exciting to hear updates or news about new proposals and developments.


Hello. I found 1hive about a month ago from a telegram group

I am from Zuerich, Switzerland.
Computer administrator since 1998, networks & hardware specialist, worked at Dreamlab AG
full time crypto since 2014


Hello Everyone,
My name is Alan and i am very excited to be a part of this community. I have been into the rabbit hole know as crypto and the creative revolution for almost a year now and am happy to see how a successful community is built. I will be doing the Ivan on Tech academy to start the journey of becoming a developer as well as a face for any future endeavors that I might be lucky to be a part of.


Hi everyone! :blush:
My name is Nata, i was introduced to 1Hive and xDai by my friends, and since then i keep learning about it more and more :star: I’m a social media manager :memo: and content creator from Russia.
Based on what i learned so far, I think that 1Hive :honeybee: is really innovative and cool, I would love to contribute and be a part of such an incredible community.


Glad to see more social media ppl here.

From :bulgaria: to :ru: with :heart: