Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Hello everyone! I got introduced to 1Hive through my friend who is an avid blockchain-er and Im relatively new to the blockchain space so Im here to soak it all in! I am based in Vancouver. My background is project managing, research, and love socially progressive projects like this!


Hello everyone it’s nice to finally be here…i was. Introduced to this amazing project by a friend, I’m currently based in the beautiful country of Nigeria. I am a crypto enthusiast, a Human Physiologist and looking to continue my development in the world of crypto and health.

Thanks for having me


My name is Rachi and I learnt about 1hive/daily from a friend.
I’m Nigerian and based in Nigeria.
I’m an environmentalist.


Hi all!
Found this page through Cörlibri project on Telegram. Hope to learn a bit more about this. I am from europe. Right now filling in the welcome bounty :smiley:


Welcome @Rachi and @classe make sure you join to our 1hive discord. If you have any question feel free to ask there. If you want to learn(get more info)about 1hive and our projects you have

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Hi, I am Fred a soon to be software engineer. I got introduce to 1Hive by a friend who is a avid crypto enthusiast. I hope to be of some help to grow this interesting project.


Welcome, I am excited for your project and am glad you found 1hive. The timing is perfect for you and I wish you success!!!

I’m so happy to be a member of this great community in trying to give all my best to what I love to do most

My name is JESSE

I got introduce to 1hive by a friend of mine

I’m from Nigeria
I’m Single
I practice Christianity
I speak English


So happy to see you.
Spread the word that 1Hive is a great place to get green squares and contribute to open source!

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Well, I’m enti.

I was introduced here by CrisOG on discord and while I’m really a music technician/producer, I’m kind of enthusiast on all the blockchain/crypto stuff and their communities.


Hey everyone!

I go by the alias threm on the internet and I’m a Canadian software engineer mainly doing web related stuff. I’ve been introduce to the 1Hive community by a friend and member of the community @Felix. I’m looking forward to give a hand on bug fixes and feature developments. You can find me on the discord as well :honeybee:


Welcome @threm to 1hive community.If you need more info about this community/ how we work and more you can find on our wiki

@eenti You’re just in time.
NFTs are about to blow up on xdai.
They’re a great tool for artists.
So happy to have you!

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I was stumbled upon 1hive actively reading and learning more about crypto.

Located in Las Vegas , NV

I come from a computer programming background.

I originally came here because of the ridiculously high eth fees, since then the community has been excellent, so now im here for that as well.


Scott here, long time developer and daily trader in the crypto space. Check out my github “scottie” or my trading view “console” nothing more needs to be said that can not be said by looking at those two places, cya guys around discord <3


My crypto account name is Marcone and I learnt about honey and there hive about six months ago thanks to Chico Crypto’s Recommendation.

Big thanks to the team and for the work they have done up to date on this platform They should be given more credit since it is a alternative gem to ethereum and the same goes for Stake Xdai


Hello @jesse12
I think Blazar’s New 1Hiver’s Quest is a great place to start.
Quest with Bounty for new people!

Come straight to our Discord if you’d prefer.
Discord invite

You’ll have to thumbs up the community covenant I think, then go to roles channel and click on emojis to see those channels.

We’re so happy to have you!


Be sure to visit our Discord and get verified with your wallet address to collect Pollen to earn Honey.

Our New Bees Bounty Quest will help you get acquainted and earn an xDai, and our wiki, an ever growing story, has most of the info and FAQs.

Oh amazing! Do you know any punctual projects I can have a look at?

I’m not sure what you mean by punctual and I’m also unsure if you mean at 1Hive or in general.

If you mean just at 1Hive your best bet is to go to the Discord, click on lots of emojis on the roles page, and look around and see what’s up and what you can do to help.
Asking what you can do will usually lead to people telling you to look around and see what you think you can do, so it’s easier on all of us if you slide in, start conversing, then as you get comfortable things will occur to you.
There are also Bounty Boards, but tbh I’ve been too busy to check them out, so maybe someone else will link them for you in the Discord.

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