Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Hey, my name is Efra and I’m a marketing student, as well as a designer who works freelance from time to time, for a few years I had been interested in cryptocurrencies and their functionality, until I finally took the time to dive in and discover more in depth about the different proposals that are on the network, I finally came across 1hive, thanks to my friend @eenti now I am part of this community, I still feel overwhelmed by the large amount of information available lol, but I hope i can steadily learn and understand everything, to collaborate with my knowledge and skills to the community.



I’m LChad
Got introduced to 1Hive/xDAI through the corlibri token telegram
From the US
Tryna get money and learn how to do this
gonna pursue something in finance


Hi all,

I am gen.

*How you were introduced to 1Hive/xDAI
Chico crypto

  • Where you’re geographically based out of
    North America

  • Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
    I have several business degrees. I am new to crypto and very interested in learning about everything crypto related

Nice to meet you all


Welcome to 1hive @gen3 @thcc_leo

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Hey all!

I’m Lauren, or karmaticacid. So glad to be here. I got introduced to 1hive through my good friend @WhyldWanderer and our connections and work with the Giveth DAC. The last couple of months have been an awesome whirlwind of information and connection as I’ve been learning about Decentralization and getting involved with different communities, contributing in Discord and in GitHub.

I’m from Canada but I’m based in Costa Rica and have been here (for the most part) for about 2 years.

Excited to be part of the 1hive community and have yet another amazing opportunity to contribute to projects that, imo, are helping create a more sustainable, free, connected and loving world for us all <3


Hi everyone! Kevin here, or KZFlyer and sometimes KRZFlyer. Live in Michigan. :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: Worked in banking operations and compliance for 15ish years, but moved on to “greener” pastures and am now in the cannabis industry. Love all things FinTech, anything that expands access to financial services. Big fan of crypto and Regulation CF as those have impacted me the most.
Love being an early adapter - bought my first bitcoins on coinbase back in 2013. Was happy to make a few bucks off them back then but I wish I held them a little bit longer.
I’ve also invested in close to 50 companies thanks to Regulation CF.
Excited to explore all that 1Hive has and is capable of. This is the first time I’ve actually transacted on Dai.


Welcome @KZFlyer to 1hive community. Make sure you join to 1hive discord and also telegram chat.
If you want to learn/get more info about 1hive make sure you checkout


Hi everyone!! I’m Hernando, I’m 27 years old and I live in Argentina :argentina: but I’m from Venezuela :venezuela: . I was introduced to 1Hive by @metaverde . I am a Chemical Engineer and a self-taught junior Full-Stack Developer.

I love doing so many things lol, but my main interests at the moment are learning new things, contributing to Open Source projects, help whenever I can, cooking, baking and playing videogames. Also, I like creating cool projects.

You can find me on Discord as Hernando Guzmán#3014


Hey guys. I’m Átila, 35 years old and from south of brazil (near Uruguay). Got here because of bright ID, than got more involved since I’m now a dark forest player. Also o discord as bejega#3297


Hey, Sutah a newbie to the community.

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I just came across this on twitter and I hope I’m welcome to the community,
Twitter name is @Bambambigi


hey everyone!
Im Jayce, i discovered 1Hive on the internet and through self research, i love the concept of defi and Dao. i am following on twitter and i am in discord. Im Maori and live in Europe i got into crypto last year. i having been working in the steel branch and have an educational backround in construction. what got my attention was first off the network configuration, it was kinda fun setting up the xdai network over metamask. I look forward to seeing new farming oppertunities on honeycomb and how 1hive evolves.
Have a good one everyone! :smile:
Tu Meke aroha nui


Of course you are welcome!

Hey I’m rootdraws.

I’m an artist.

Curious to know what the goings on are for NFTs on xDAI?


Hi friends,
I learned about honey from CORLIBRI’s dev. I’m excited about this new opportunity with xDai and honeyswap’s potential!
Glad to be here.


hi guys this is winny, so nice to see you all.
Actually I am driven by BrightID which takes me to this lovely community, now I am still learning enerything about 1hive, hope I can make some contribution to 1hive :hugs:

  • How I was introduced to 1Hive/xDAI: @mrtdlgc informed me about to platform and introduced it to me. As soon as I grew accustomed to the platform through his actions on the community, I decided to get started myself.
  • Where I am geographically based out of: İzmir, Turkey.
  • Background info on my personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • etc.: I graduated from a vocational high school. I’m an information technologies technician. Regarding the university, I graduated from Ege University and my major there was American Literature. Currently I am a Master’s Degree student at Dokuz Eylül University and my department is Comparative Literature.

Welcome aboard, man. You’re gonna like it here, I can assure you :smiley:


COLD has NFTs as well as a newer 1hive project kshazu there are some others as well like nifty ink, have fun!


Welcome, do you have any collection ? I like seeing NFTs ( I do appreciate good artistic work). :heart_eyes: