Introduce Yourself to 1Hive Thread

Hi Roko ! It’s nice to meet you here on 1hive ! Are you from Split ?

yes :smiley: you? its nice to meet new people here

I’m from Skopje . Join the 1hive discord group if you haven’t yet maybe you can help 1hive grow even more :wink:

i have friend from Makedonia / yep i joined the group 2 weeks ago i think / im making some wallpapers for 1Hive i will upload them on Zedge

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Hi everyone

I’m Kingsley currently from Nigeria…heard about 1hive from honeyswap then I got to know about the youtube channel and discord and I joined. My name on discord is kingsdami. I’m pretty poor and wants to be rich

. Im a great fan of Defi’s and DAO, I’m still new on crypto and not that techie person but I slowly learning about this great innovation. I’m really looking forward for the success of this project. I’ll do my best to help others as a continue to learn about this project. As to support the project will throw some cash to provide some liquidity to the Honeyswap.


Hi everyone!

I’m Mori#6400 on discord, joined yesterday, really enjoying the community that’s gathered here on xDai.
I’ve been working on Ethereum-based projects since 2017, being in the right place at the right time connected me with some pretty cool people :slight_smile:

Cheers from Argentina!


Hi folks,

I’m pretty new to crypto and am still exploring the space and finding my feet. I found 1Hive through BrightID, as it’s one of the first apps they sugggest you connect!

I’m a programmer with a philosophy background in Canada, interested in community building and effectively communicating complex ideas.

I’m tcelferact#7716 on discord, looking forward to getting to know the space better :).


Hi everyone!
I’m Thomas from lab10 collective, a cooperative located in Austria.

Before I fell into the Blockchain rabbit hole, I worked for several multinational companies in the energy and automotive sector. I have started the BlockchainHub Graz and in 2017 we founded our cooperative, which is focused on finding and implementing blockchain solutions to combat climate change, essentially building a decentralized commons infrastructure.

The lab10 collective is a xDai Validator since the early days and it is cool to see finally all the work from Igor Barinov and his team getting more traction.

Beside some R&D projects, our current projects are:

We have already a bridge between ARTIS and xDai Chain and intend to list the ATS coin on Honeyswap. Nice to be here.


Welcome to the hive @tze_42 @tcelferact :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

  • I heard about 1Hive/xDai from BrightID
  • I come from China
  • I am a blockchain developer.

嗨(´∀`), add me in wechat if you have any questions ~~ boring877

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Hello everyone!

I’m Simon, but you can find me almost everywhere on the web under the handle dievardump. I am a Web Engineer since a bit more than 10 years now, and although I’m in the blockchain space since a few years, I’m really starting to make a few things on the Blockchain now.

My first blockchain project is what brings me to 1Hive that I discovered through @luigy. It’s NFTs related, I am now implementing on xDai and I know 1Hive community is thriving for NFTs, so I thought here might be the best place to start it!
I’m also very techy and have a decent knowledge of Solidity and web technologies which I think might go well with 1Hive seeing so many proposals. The 1Hive community seems eager to grow and do interesting things so I am curious to see if/where we can meet.

See you on discord.


Awesome, great that you’ve joined. I think a lot of us are excited about the work with NFTs.

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Hello, my name is Philippe. Im a self proclaimed computer expert and gamer. Im really into crypto and tech and always tried to get my hands on it but was never really able to until now. I found 1hive through a reddit post and was quite interested in it.


Welcome Phillipe, glad that we have you here, I’m admin on r/HNY channel on reddit so if you like you can join there too.

You might also want to join the 1hive Discord channel and engage in some discussions , we are big community and growing each day .

How you were introduced to 1Hive/xDAI
  • Token Engineering Commons:
    Where you’re geographically based out of
  • Vancouver Island Canada
    Background info on your personal, intellectual, professional, and academic interests
  • I like music and yoga

I’m working on Luna Swarm with Luke. Really looking forward to meeting everyone, and I enjoyed reading about the projects and guidelines in this post. I’ve been thinking decentralization since 2013, I also love machine learning and general AI.


Hi my name is Jim,

I was introduced to Xdai by my friend, I am from england and have finished school. I am interested in PC gaming


It’s super cool to see Luna attracting members to 1hive. I notice the last meeting had a bit more in attendance. Glad to see you here.

Awesome to have you here! Have you played Dark Forest on xdai yet?


Hey everyone, my name is James, I’m a developer and open source, decentralisation lover. I work on Giveth and CO2ken at the moment, and I’m getting super interested in 1hive these days.

This is my Github, and twitter, and JamesF on discord!

I look forward to getting to know you all better and contributing to the community.


Hi James Its nice to see more and more devs coming to this community.Make sure you join to our discord.