Is 1hive open to give me $1K-1.5K salary (in HNY) for a project unrelated to 1hive?

Is 1hive open to give me $1K-1.5K salary (in HNY) for a project unrelated to 1hive? Should I submit a proposal now?

Also, is 1hive economy stable enough for me to receive the salary for a few years?

First of all, welcome to the community!

As far as you making a proposal, you are totally welcome to make a proposal, that’s definitely what they are there for. Right now most of the contributors who have active streaming proposals are working on Gardens, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for new proposals for new projects and new contributors. In fact I think it would be refreshing to see some new proposals and ideas in the mix. However, I doubt you will receive much support since you haven’t really shared anything about yourself or the project you would be working on.

While there isn’t a strict requirement about what type of contributions are welcome, generally the expectation is that they are for public or community goods that are relevant to 1Hive in some way. This is very broad, pretty much any open source project could reasonably fit that description. However, the more relevant the project is to Honey holders, and the more you personally engage with the community the more likely you will see support. Someone may even decide to challenge the proposal, if they feel like it is simply trying to extract value from the community without making any meaningful contributions.

As far as whether the amount you are looking at is reasonable, you can see that there are multiple contributors earning that amount right now. So it’s certainly possible to earn that much as a 1Hive contributor, but nobody can really give you any guarantees about how much support your specific proposal will get, or whether the support will be stable for any period of time.

My advice to you is to think about what you are asking, and whether or not you think that’s a reasonable ask? If you have a cool project that you think people would be interested in supporting, or even getting involved with, you should definitely share it here and you might find that you not only get some financial support to work on it, you also may find people willing to contribute to it as well. On the other hand, if you put yourself in the position of a community member, and you can’t really see why they would be interested in giving you money, maybe you should think about what value you and your project could bring to the community to make it a better fit?

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