Is farming active?

Hi, i try to farm some liquidity tokens but honeycomb show me this menssage.

There are no active farms

:honey_pot: Currently, there are no farms that give rewards. :honey_pot:

Inactive farms

These are farms that have no rewards. They will only get rewards if a funding proposal for them passes.

I can stake tokens without hny rewards.


Not right now. Tulip is working on a new version of Honeycomb which includes a reward for those providing liquidity. I think its a few weeks or so out though.

Agave will also be launching soon, which will give you another way to earn a yield on your HNY. Now is a good time to stack some more too in preparation with the price being so undervalued.

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you can farm with HNY on Baoswap and dump their tokens on them lol that’s what I do

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