It could be staking with honey

I would like to know if apart from the farms there is a way to do staking with honey or if you plan to do something like that.

actually yeah, it would seem there is consensus right now to start working on a proposal for unifty NFT farms on which HNY / LPs for pairs that include HNY will be able to stake their assets to earn rewards on this platform.


Thanks for the information, I’m going to chat it up

I was thinking of creating another type of bet, which would be a freeze of funds for a defined period of 30, 60, 90 or 365 days. something more long term

That may come up later, as soon as Celeste project will be done, but we need to discuss about the details and specifics yet.

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where can i share ideas for those details

It will be announced as soon as the Celeste swarm will be done with all the work, testing and deployment.

You can track their progress on the 1hive Discord channel #Celeste