Launchpad on xDai, like Pols and Duckstarter

Xdai has it all, faster and at much more attracting fees.
It also bridges to BSC and Eth. Both the most Defi attracting networks.

Let me make xDai the launching environment for both of them.

1.It will more appealing for the buyer because it a much much cheaper already proven concept

  1. It is very appealing for sellers, because it will get them more funding and capital raising opportunity. Cheaper access and more funds for the project rather than ridiculous tx fees.

A great idea , why not ? It would be great for HNY


Thanks for the support. Launchingpad will be as successful as NFTs. Just look at She project was nearly neglected and once redefined themselves and started a collab with 1Hive for NFT’s and Unisocks Fork. They started skyrocketing

Right, just now I also in XDAI network trading, the experience is very good