Learning about ALVIN

  • Contract address.

  • what is ALVIN
    Alvin is an Agave Finance project that aims to issue a token exchangeable for a physical stuffed animal with the iconic Alvin figure, the cute little agave used in the Agave logo.

  • total supply
    500 ALVIN

  • where to buy or sell
    ALVIN was launched on the L2 of arbitrum, you can swap the currency in the swap swap

  • there will be an airdrop
    ALVIN was launched after a while and former owners of ALVIN V3 will be rewarded

more information :point_down:

blockchain :point_right: https://arbiscan.io/
Web page :point_right: Alvin - Agave Plushie NFT
swap :point_right:Swapr


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