Let’s focus development on 1Hive itself

We have limited developer bandwidth and attention, we should focus on developing things which help improve how 1Hive itself works. In other words, let’s make sure our DAO works first, before working on other things.

  • Celeste and Gardens are the interfaces for interacting with 1Hive proposals and dispute resolution
  • Quests can help us allocate Honey more effectively

We can and should still support the development and maintenance of other projects, but they should be relatively low priority until we are confident that the processes and tools we use to allocate honey to contributors are actually working.

If you like this suggestion, consider supporting the proposal in the garden


This is the proposal that resonates with me the most.

An analogy I’ve been using recently for all of web3 - that I think is relevant for 1Hive too - is that we have these enormous, gorgeous mansions that have been built… an entire neighborhood of Buckingham Palaces.

But then you walk through the front door and find that the only furniture in the house is an air mattress and a folding table, there’s no electricity or running water, half the rooms don’t have ceilings and the other half you can’t get in because the doors are locked.

Gardens, Celeste, Quests, and Honeyswap are our Buckingham Palaces, but they need a lot more attention.