Let’s make 1Hive fun again

Start by not worrying so much about the price of honey in the short term. Instead let’s focus our attention on building and doing interesting things, experimenting, and learning how to navigate the future together.

If you’re reading this I challenge you to share something interesting, fun, or thought provoking that you think might be relevant to the community in the Discord or on the forum.

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You can’t be a good DAO contributor unless you’ve got a strong moral compass: Absurd Trolley Problems


I think choosing to only fund initiatives on a retroactive basis seriously limits the dao’s ability to experiment and consecutively innovate.

how would u define a strong moral compass? what characteristics do people who do have a strong moral compass have?

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Yo, yo, yo! Thanks for starting this Luke.

My initial vision with the NFBees was to create them as visualization of 1Hive, the NFT sale and project is just a part of that story. It’s basically taking 1hive branding and creating something cool with it.
What would have to be true to try to make the NFBees one of the BAYC of the REGEN space? :slight_smile: Maybe a silly tokenized game called " BUZZING BEE" (like “Flappy bird”) that has a tokenomics build on donating 66% of your gains in the game towards a regen goal.

I’m not trying to be biased towards the project we founded, but because I’m a creative I would love to see the NFBees reach their final goal, namely basically marketing 1Hive to the moon by being so popular that you can’t ignore the,.

Viralize the BEES