Let's Add Our Involvement with 1Hive to Our LinkedIn Profiles

Hi there, bees :honeybee:

I know that our way of doing work is different from traditional organizations and businesses; however when I saw our latest tweet, which is a call for action, and call for involvement into our community, this idea came to my mind:

I normally hate LinkedIn, but I think we are missing a good opportunity for marketing on that platform as it is widely used by professionals. So, what I propose is that we, all or those who may wish, can add what we are doing on 1Hive to our LinkedIn experiences section, as well.

We already have a โ€œcompanyโ€ page on Linkedin, which I think was probably set up by @lkngtn back in the past. We can maybe update that page, as well.

I also know that we are all pseudo-anonymous in our DAO, and would completely understand those who may not want to disclose their identity on a rather professional social media website. However, I mean, when and if we share that we are working for 1Hive, all our connections on LinkedIn may have an idea. And this will not only act as an opportunity to create an awareness about 1Hive but also about decentralized autonomous organizations as a whole.

So, what do you all think?


definitely think we should have a 1hive organization page on linkedin. And those who are comfortable losing pseudonymity can add their involvement

We already have a company page on Linkedin actually. But it seems outdated, we can also update that page:

Hereโ€™s the page, by the way.

Great idea! I already added 1hive to my linkedin page hehe. Think its best if we just make the page more up to date.

I think I have access to the page and can update if someone wants to draft something. :slight_smile:



 Happy to do that. This is an excellent idea. The quality of the user base and ubiquity of whales swimming through LinkedIn crypto pages is not fully appreciated by many. These are easy pickings and represent tremendously valuable eyeballs.