Lets brainstorm ideas for for future projects on 1Hive

Hey Guys i took few days off ,and came up with the idea to open this thread ,was thinking a lot about what does 1Hive need to do, or generally what does xDai network ecosystem must have to attract more users .

So what better place to discuss this then on our Discourse… I came up with few connected product ideas.

1st idea : Think its a must due to ignorance of Metamask, a wallet, special xdai bee wallet built by the Bees, secured by xDai stakers or Honey stakers maybe both…One is Sybil resistant the other one is processing power.

The idea of the wallet is that You should be to be able to pay at coffee shops, restaurants, online shopping etc but also with wallet you could be staking Honey Tokens much like a piggy and maybe add option to check Honeyswap Liquidity pairs or farms We could get some contracts done with restaurants etc using some other apps like reward apps etc.Probably we will need to make partnership to be able to make contracts for shopping and payments.

Why do i think xDai is perfect for shopping, gas fees and speed of processing, what else do you need…

2nd Idea :, I think this one is easier to implement.

Visual widgets for tipping streamers on Twitch, Theta.tv, Dlive and others,

This i think will alsompromote Honeyswap and xDai instantly for massive adoption.

Imagine you watch your favorite streamer and he gets all the money you want to tip instead just 50% with some limits by the centralized platforms… Maybe also we could make a streaming blockchain , duuuh I dream to much, but dare to dream they say…

3rd Idea : Application for payment in reastaurants, online shopping with xDai , connected with the Bee Wallet, there must be also special application for the Shop owners kinda xDai POS system i know its complicated but its doable.

This will make xDai mainstream, lets face ETH 2 will not be so good as xDai, and im not so optimistic about those rollups either. Either way we need to build the ecosystem in our way, together …

Hope this thread will open appetite for some fruitful discussions, lets get that Honey spreaded everywhere.


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