Let's create some quests

Quests is a brand new tool for creating conditional payments built on Celeste. We should start using it more! When someone is wondering how they can contribute to 1Hive, it would be great be able to point them to the quest board and find something they can do. Unlike traditional task based bounties, Quests can be fairly open ended and repeatable.

We can leverage this new primitive to reward people with Honey for performing actions which benefit 1Hive. Here are a few possible examples of quests that might be interesting:

  • Encourage users to create and get quests funded (meta quest!)
  • Encourage the founders to create successful Gardens
  • Encourage the creation of new precedents in Celeste
  • Encourage new developers to learn and experiment within the 1Hive ecosystem (eg build on celeste or honeyswap)
  • Encourage new developers to contribute to 1Hive (eg have a PR merged into specific repositories)
  • Encourage users to support 1Hive in other ways like writing articles, tweeting, etc

Let’s work out the wording and reward amounts for these quests on the forum, then create the quests and fund them using Honey from the common pool.

Consider supporting this proposal in the Garden


Speaking as a newcomer who’s just been researching 1Hive over the past few days, I can say that this would definitely be helpful if this was promoted and more active. I found documentation on the Quests tool in the wiki, but had a lot of trouble finding the actual link to it until I stumbled across this post. I’m also having trouble figuring out how to get started with even the “traditional task-based bounties”.

As a side-note, I also had trouble getting into the discord because the link on the main site is broken, but I’ve yet to figure out where/how I should go about reporting that in a way that results in it being fixed… I was also really excited when I read about Pollen in the wiki, but was disappointed when I joined the discord to discover that the program seems to be on hold; I think there should probably be a disclaimer added. I’m willing to help get these kinds of issues resolved, but I’m unsure how to get involved…

I have experience in graphic design, web design, marketing, and project management; Give me something to do so that I can get buzzzy :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

@Mitchie_Mitch You are welcome to join some of our weekly calls, we have a working call for social media and marketing on Thursday 5PM UTC on 1Hive discord. The link was removed from Discord because we had some bots using that link we need to update some URL’s, thanks for mentioning that.

This is interesting , so somebody could potentially create proposal on 1Hive and specify the quest that is being open for that idea then somebody else could apply to play/work on that quest.

I’ve been thinking about this too, Twells already created interesting quest for viewer engagement on 1HTV and Twitter spaces.