Looking for ideas on how to share my bricks guide

I created a guide for redditors to sell their bricks from the FortniteBR subreddit about a week ago. Check it out and let me know what you think here or over there.

At the time I thought I’d have no trouble getting it out there and would just link to it from FortniteBR in order to drive traffic. I had read through all their rules and believed the guide would be allowed because it does not make me any money. Over the past week I have learned they are not allowing any discussion of selling bricks regardless. As I’ve said in Discord I let their mods know that I feel this is a missed opportunity to help their community learn about money and cryptocurrency.

I want to know if anyone has ideas I could try out with the goal being to get the guide out there to the FortniteBR people, I’ve even considered paying reddit to advertise it to the sub.

I have managed to post it to #selfpromotion on the FortniteBR discord almost daily and I’ve helped a few redditors complete the guide in chat. One of them let me know today he found the guide by googling “fortnite reddit brick selling” which led to my removed post on FortniteBR and that led him to the actual guide on r/HNY! It feels really good helping some of these kids make some money and also get their foot in the door of cryptocurrency and I want to help so many more of them if possible.

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