Marketing: 1Hive mobile app ? (in the future)

Okay so as usual I’m playing around with ideas so take them as a grain of salt. These are just things that pop into my head and I then wrap up a quick sketch and add present my ideas here, and get a feel of what every one thinks! I was thinking about an interactive mobile app for 1Hive as we are growing project. Is there a need for one? Not really as everything can be done via a web browser even on mobile - but it would be cool never the less.

As usual I like to put forward my ideas with a nice little image hehe.

So as a initial idea, I thought of it as something basic. A sleek app interactive platform that has the world of 1hive in a mobile app. Also it could appeal as a little marketing play as we would be hosted on App store and Play store. Push notifications are a big deal and we would help onboard new uses via the app. Having some type of support system via the app would help if users are facing issues. We could even add a referral program to collect droplets of pollen as a incentive if your friends download and sign up to the app. All just a ponder at the moment! it could be something - or nothing :slight_smile:

So that’s my thoughts on a simple app. Let me know what you think and if it would add value in any way!


Of course a mobile wallet would be awesome as part of this.

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Hey I am quite not sure what you wanna develop? is it a Dex or web view in app?
are you going to develop native app for just a web view app in a react? I don’t think it would be easy to develop this for both android and iOS natively.

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It was just an idea - maybe it wont become a reality ( at least soon anyway ), but my idea was an actual apk/ios app. Thanks for your feedback!

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Now that’s cool! And if somehow any way we can make the xdai chain and xdai metamask process easier the better for everyone


Like the sound of this! Current onboard procedures can be daunting for new ppl