Marketing: A plan of action

@HoneyB sounds like a plan, great job to the team, did you guys left Facebook in purpose?

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awesome to see this coming together in real time, with so much input daily. Excited to see it play out and excited to contribute

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@HoneyB you can add on to do list, reply to this thread on bitcointalk to do some buzz

Hey Everyone,
Big fan of the project.
Just launched a Crypto Youtube channel and made one of my first videos on Honeyswap.

Obviously not official marketing but hope it helps spread the word about the project.

I just learned about the Faucet actually and thought of making a follow up video about that.
Is there a good place to go to get clear step by step on how to do the Faucet.
I found it a little confusing.
But if I can figure it out and do a video on it, I think it’s a great way to get people motivated to try the project.


Click here
You have on faucet page how everything is working there/when you enter on faucet.
And one advice I hear you change you voice in video Idk is that some sort of bug or you did that - it’s a little irritating. Just to nofity you.

Great job. Keep good works

Thanks for the feedback. I speed the video up just to keep it moving but it does alter the sound. So I’ll keep playing around with it.

In terms of using faucet. I got to the point where I have joined BrightID but need to be verified. It says to go to the 1Hive Discord to say hi to people but I can only see read only channels. So how does one get verified?

When you get verifed on BrightID app you enter on 1hive discord you can go in bot-command channel and type !verifiy then bot will send you in DM a qr code which you will scan with brightID app and you automaticlly after that are verified.

Hey Thanks! But I don’t see a bot-command channel in the 1Hive Discord. I only see #welcome, Announcements, #info and #feed. All are read only. How to get verified on brightid

Mettups are here:

I like the idea. I’ve been adding links to my Facebook acct. and tweeter about Farming HNY and Honeyswap as an intro to the xDai network.

You need to read the welcome message fully, then click the appropriate emoji to give you access to the other channels :slight_smile:

The “most effective” marketing you can do at this time, is airdrop 50-100 HNY to each participating wallet, while mentioning a second airdrop in the next 6-24 months during the first airdrop. Not only would you make a huge splash the entire community would be talking about it for years!! Almost everyone in the space would start swapping on HoneySwap, and realize how more efficient and inexpensive the xDai network is, why be concerned about the price - the price will find its own balance!!

Hey @Solutyun
The idea of ​​an airdrop has been previously discussed among community members and there is no plan for the future to be implemented.

I would suggest you to read a few things about what 1Hive is and how the hny token is used in the ecosystem, you might change your mind about an airdrop.

I’m an expert in marketing, I know what works and creates interest. Business is business and no matter what you may or may not call yourself, it is still a business. Creating a buzz or stir in the space is most effectively accomplished through an airdrop. Uniswap has proved the point. So have other “companies,” call yourself what you will or think of yourself or the space what you will. The essential key in a capitalist market is effective marketing, big businesses are entering the space more rapidly, and they will thoroughly prove this concept! It is already beginning, and as the wise say, “timing is of the essence.” I’m not pressing the point of an airdrop, I already know it is the right choice, I’m not debating the topic either. The Honeyswap team asked for feedback, and I shared my opinion - they obviously are showing a concern for a competitive advantage. Most likely because there will probably be twenty other swap exchanges by the end of 2021, perhaps more competitive. The concept is to catch as much of the market share as possible. Benchmarking seems to be a rational consideration, Honeyswap should be considering what is going on with Farm, Uniswap, etc and molding their techniques to fit their own hive. Honestly, the more bees, the greater the crop and amount produced - efficiency and innovation also coincide with demand. So, I think you should stop kidding yourself! The big boys are coming, and they know how to market, and they are fierce competitors. Coincidentally, a large airdrop also causes increased liquidity to occur with the xDai STAKE network, and this is essential, the timing is perfect, and it will “WORK”!

As an “expert in marketing”, I guess you did some research about the hny token and find out that the maximum supply is currently 25,377. Recently, HNY holders surpassed 10.000, so you are suggesting to drop 10.000x50=500.000 HNY on the market.

To me this doesn’t make sense, but feel free to share with us your vision and plans.

Wallets are beginning to implement there own swap function, this recently occurred with Meta Mask, and at its utility function it is already more competitive than Honeyswap. This, I’m certain will become “yet another” trend! And just to be clear we are discussing competition, and competing through marketing. Also,10,000 wallets is not something to boast about, however 100,000 wallets is a statistic worth mentioning. Banks & big business will be entering the space more rapidly in the next year, increased competition at a higher and more aggressive level! In other words, your early advantage is about to be ended. Governments are adopting and a tidal wave of competition is coming! You have already noticed this in the news, such companies are not after 10,000 wallets, they are after 100,000,000 wallets! To clarify, this is not my vision or plan, I’m simply assessing what is beginning to occur, and predicting what is most likely. I realized that currency would become a digital commodity about five years ago, now big business, banks, etc. are beginning to understand the same, I think it is reasonable to comprehend that their actions will be to capitalize. Perceiving that competition is going to increase immensely in the next two years, as the Bitcoin price rises above 100K. I find that the time is "now, "it is imperative to compete with such competitors, and at a higher level - ahead of their elaborate marketing strategies! Nonetheless, having a lead and losing it to the corrupt is a heartbreaking endeavor that you may possibly realize. Great companies make great decisions in good timing! And let me rephrase a statement that I made in the last post, it was the only thing inaccurate that was conveyed through the message - at times, some of the wise say “timing is of the essence.” Such a broad statement, I do not want fools to say such, and then perhaps I would have to take them under my wing, and teach them wisdom. Who has time for such incomprehension, which reminds me - Honeyswap, please consider graphically cartooning the actual plants in the farm, it would look a 100 times better. Now, back to 100,000 wallets and capitalizing on an early advantage that is about to vanish! A significant, bold, and dramatic airdrop should occur rivaling that of Uniswap. This will cause 100,000 + wallets within thirty days after the drop, name recognition - “BRANDING,” making it a household name performing this while competition is increasing is somewhat brilliant. Also, an unforgettable amount of “buzz,” and is this not what beez do? So, the marketing aspect of the concept is obvious and plain. To this very day, if you chat in any general room affiliated with crypto/alt, within an hour nine times out of ten, you hear or see this word “Uniswap.” Basically, responding aggressively, and seizing the moment, why not capitalize on the current price and gain exposure?! Benchmarking and improving on the concepts of other successful companies is smart, often improving is performing more aggressive, adequate, and bold actions. Seriously, the price is in a steady decline, and it is most likely only going to continue to downtrend. Nonetheless, I’m an early investor and supporter this knowledge is shared to offer help, following the airdrop aggressive advertisement should be perform via YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Telegram. After performing these actions, Honeyswap should be in a good position to offer a competitive and profitable product in the space, also prepared to compete more efficiently! This should be Honeyswaps vision and plan of action.

Honeyswap is an exchange with a farm in its infancy. It is more accurate to consider it as a small hive. My comments are in consideration of the african killer bees that are soon to be entering the space. I really appreciate the intricacy of your consideration, however it is not necessary and neither is it in good timing! The queen bee’s life could be in danger, the worker bees need to take action to protect, or the hive could be lost or possibly become a forgotten rustic empty moldy nest that clings to peeling paint of what once was - how disappointing. You can call me - SuperBEE :slight_smile:

Huh? I have so many questions xD. @Solutyun

Hi, okay what is one question? The most important, I’m happy to correspond concerning the topic - I don’t want to be chatting about this much more, I shared my opinion, hopefully it will be helpful to some?!