Marketing & Dev Funding Proposals (AGAVE)

Marketing & Dev Funding Proposals (AGAVE)

Proposal description:
This forum post wants to call attention to two upcoming funding proposals. The AgaveDAO is going to request 250 AGAVE from the treasury as a payout to contributors and marketing work.

Marketing Budget Allocation

  • 20 Agave will be allocated as contributions for the Weeks 43 to 47 (as our funds ended at the end of October); This will include payments to Monstrosity, Stonky, TWells, Borisblock, Rohekbenitez.
  • 40 Agave will be allocated for a new promotion initiative. The decentralized social advertising campaign is based on users creating social campaigns on different Social media (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok); Users can either request a sum or invest a capital and ask for reimbursement + compensation.
  • 60 Agave will be used to paid contributors on a weekly basis (Payments are always on Monday); Contributors work on articles, bounties, banners, gifs, ama, articles, documentation and communication to the community. Contributors also work on different partnerships within the ecosystem, on eventual collaborations with youtubers and more.

Dev Budget Allocation

  • 100 Agave will be allocated for devs, to continue working on the Agave platform. The funding proposal should cover the following aspects: Build, Update, Upgrade, Maintain the Agave Platform. Work will include Frontend, Backend, UX work.
  • An extra budget of 30 Agave is going to be asked in case extra opportunities arise or extra dev work is required.

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable):
This budget should last for multiple months

Team Information

All Agave contributors.

Funding Information

Amount of AGVE requested: 250

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred: ​​0x9C1721e69Bb8964E54C2C14cC06b6659e3775b78

Proposal Link:

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