Marketing: Expanding our audience

Hey all, I hope you are well! I’ve not really been active over the last few days but here we are with another post! So I’m going to get straight to it haha! We need to post on and typically I need to begin with a structure.

I know we have many information points but medium has millions of users ( Wikipedia says apparently they have 60 million users but I would take that as a grain of salt ) I know we are making efforts across other platforms to host our text/info docs but I am ready to begin with medium.

Tagging subjects to your published articles can grow our audience massively as they have a wide user base!

Seen has there is a lot going with 1Hive and the projects within it I need a base ‘Topic’ to kick start our blogging! Those of you want to comment, make changes etc can join be on the google doc I will be making.

I would like know about the KEY TOPICS we need to writing about first because there is lots going on - so please drop them in the comments below about what I should wrap up first. Any help would be appreciated.

Lets get Buzzy!


Monthly blog is one I want to see tbh, there needs to be some kind of communication with devs so we can ‘boast’ about all the cool work being done!


I keep meaning to write Medium articles then life gets really messy.
Idk where to start.

ha ha ha… are you kidding me? I was thinking the exact same thing, that’s why having some free time today and with the forum being down and all I started putting together a couple of posts starting with a replacement “how to buy Honey” post that was written by that notorious ex bee turned fudder.

Good thing i saw this thread, would have been awkward if i had finished it today and gone ahead to publish before bumping into this topic :sweat_smile:
All the same i’ve already spent a lot of effort and a few hours on it so will finish it up tomorrow and publish anyway.


Its a no brainer. We just got to have a presence on medium. Will give us visibility and will help loads of people seeking info about 1Hive or any of its products.


haha snap! I believe @Harry has some of those documents so we should begin!

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Finished the How to buy honey post. At least let it replace the other deleted one. lemme know what you think. will post in discord too.


I second this.
Definitely need a how to buy llnk…

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Iv been away thank God some one is pushing for content at, least a monthly blog so I can keep up. How is this going…?

I’m thinking about putting together a robust marketing proposal that would aim to provide informative info regarding Honeyswap and the benefits of using it. I am very confident that simple questions like “What is the best DEX to use?” on websites like Quora can be used to our own advantage.

I did some research and there are at least 50 questions we could answer with a link back to Honeyswap. Since I work in this department, my team can provide me with enough Quora accounts to answer all of those in a unique way from different accounts and avoid spam.

There are blogging opportunities that are not utilized as well. I was thinking about publishing DEX oriented articles on Publish0x, Hive, and Steemit for starters and adding info about Honeyswap in every one of them. Our audience is crypto oriented and we should be present in this niche.

All of this would require at least 3-4 hours a work per day for a month to yield results. Do you guys think requesting 3 HNY for one month of work would be too much to ask? And if the price goes up is it possible to ask for less at the end of the month? I’m looking not to take advantage of the DAO in any way here.

Any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome. If you guys think this would be a good idea I will probably need help with submitting a proposal :slight_smile:

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Hey @Proofmaster.

Your intensions are very welcomed.

I would suggest to join #buzz swarm on discord to share your ideas and work with other people from the community to build a better marketing strategy.

For payment, soon enough buzz swarms will be created on DAO and a budget will probably be allocated. You could get a share of it based on your contribution. :honeybee:

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Got it. Don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I couldn’t be active on Discord for some time. I’ll look into it and see what can be done.

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I understand what you’re saying about not having a lot of time.
I think the Quora thing is brilliant.