Marketing: Hey, been a while!

Hey folks!

Sorry I’ve been away for a while due to work commitments, but now I’m back to smash up the social media game! I’v been lurking around now for around 2+ weeks again and I have been trying to create engaging posts across social media, especially twitter! I know we have had some significant improvements to our ecosystem and I would like create some content around this so we can boast about it across our social media (because why not).I have attached here some stats for a twitter account from the 1st of Jan till today (6th Feb) and we have seen some awesome growth in our audience! Check it out!

If you have any cool ideas for content that needs creating - please give me a shout!

Thank you for reading!


I honestly see a lot of potential in onboarding content (especially taking into account all of these new users engaging w the accounts) - posts explaining core concepts like (what is a DAO, etc. Wiki stuff) that in turn directs users interested in learning more to the wiki, forum or discord channels. Wether these users end up being constant contributors to the organization or not, just getting this sort of knowledge out there contributes to the crypto / defi space in general which is indirectly beneficial.

Btw keep up the work! you’ve been doing amazing! Great designs and copywriting; it would seem you have a lot of experience in the field, I think you’ve mentioned before but I’m curious, did you study anything related to this or is it just a talent of yours you’ve developed over the years?

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I’d like to see a 1pager infographic that can be shared to easily attract new people without them having to sift through forums, wikis, discord, a whole lot of stuff to understand 1hive.

I already posted it here: I'm planning a Twitter storm but nothing happened with that twitter storm or thread. here is my crappy mockup for the infographic, it should have some nice formatting and little bees / logos/design or whatever, im not a designer by any means :smiley:


imo theres just too much information that would need to be included for this to work in the format of a post for social media - also, there’s already so much time and resources going into the development of the wiki - which is very well done (also my opinion), it would be a waste to not direct interested users to those resources (forum, wiki, discord, etc.) / another point is - we don’t really want people who can’t sit down and read through the wiki as many times this kind of activity (reading through big pieces of text) is required for cooperation within the DAO


The point is not to make it so people don’t need to read the wiki / join the forum / discord etc, it’s to make it an easily digestible piece of information to make people want to come and read more. Personally I think saying “we don’t want people who can’t be bothered to sit down and read a whole wiki” is very naiie and basically saying “we don’t want 80% of cryptocurrency users to be attracted to our platform”


lol you’re right I phrased that in a bad way - although to make an easily digestible piece of information so that people want to come and read more you probably want to include a little less information than what you wrote down per post / I think we have similar ideas; I was just pointing out that the document you provided was probably too much for a single post


Hey thank you for the encouragement dude! I have always been a fan of creative arts. Although I did not peruse with this in my academic career, since Lime Wire days I was always playing around with adobe and other creative software. There was some periods where I helped friends and tried freelance with small projects, but it was not extensive, my history is patchy over all. It was never serious and was always fun! I totally love the digital space of creative arts!

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Hey I will explore this and see what works best! 1page graphics are awesome!


We could be using Instagram stories and serial Tweets better for sure, as far as multipage infographics.


do you guys do any cross-posting on reddit or other platforms?

Typically this is what would happen when there is some type of post. It is usually spread across all the reputable platforms

My name is ecardo5o and professionally I am a Creative Director. I also act as Ambassador at Polkadot and Acala, which is also part of this new ecosystem.

Both formats actually work. Posts that aggregate more than one subject. And what we call pills. Which are the topics of these separate larger posts.

The two formats work in synergy. The biggest to cause the first impact. And the smaller ones to reinforce concepts.

Usually you schedule the big one for the beginning of the week and the small ones to support it a few days later.

These larger posts (in the form of infographics) can and should be incorporated into the Wiki, for easy reading.

Is anyone working on this content? I can help you.

Just below follows my personal instagram with my recent works:


I would love to confab on coordinating content, @ecardo5o.
@HoneyB, should we all do this together?
I’d love a Twitter plan.


Hello metaverde,

How we do? We can make a call. I’m in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) which is in the time zone (GMT-3).

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Today I was studying a subject that has to do with structuring media and producing content. It’s called Headless CMS, which is a new distribution concept.

It takes into account that the content that an organization produces can take various forms that work in a modular way.

There are several CMS that work like this (but all I saw are paid):

and more …

It seemed to me a very abstract concept. But I would like to apply it in a structured way if we can transform it into a project.

If it becomes a project you will need money and staff. I’m not in a good mood here and I would like to know if it is possible to get support in the community to make it happen, if it is in everyone’s interest.


Somewhat familiar with Headless branding.

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Im down for ensuring our social media platforms are presented well.

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Hey this sounds awesome! I will look more into it.

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I don`t know if there is some relation about headless branding. Maybe not, but Headless CMS could be applied to promote this branding model too.

I searched a little bit about what you talked about, Headless Branding and found this article:

Very interesting. In fact, I have already seen this concept slowly growing in the design community. Today there is a lot of talk about creating modularized brands. With several interchangeable elements.

But I recognize that even this first concept is driven by some authority, code or centralization of principles and methods.

A Headless brand goes a step further. But to be successful you need to have some governance layer. Here at HoneySwap, do we have a headless brand? Or not? I don`t know…

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