Marketing Proposal: A on Chain-Organization

This proposal has been created in order to support marking demands and give it some structure. Currently we have an amazing community and every one has shown outstanding comradeship, but I think its time to up our game as this place is crowded and competition is fierce - and I think its best if this is put in place sooner rather than later.

At the moment I feel development is one step ahead of marketing, and in a ideal world - it would nice to be on the same page, so we can have HQ announcements with relevant detailed guides, graphics and video content with posts that are required to onboard users.

Current Status

At the moment we have community members pushing content, from across all (external) social media platforms and are posting in to pollen in order to attract credit. This concept is awesome but is not always an accurate measure of work. Unless you are contributing on Discord, Discourse or GitHub, content creators sometimes may not earn the cred they deserve. An example would be where a content creator posts on YouTube or twitter, they then must copy link into Discord and try and attract cred - this can have its flaws as there may be busier times and also the post you linked could get buried amongst other conversations and not get the cred it may deserves.


Myself ,Luke and others who joined our Cafe call yesterday we think we need solidify marketing and create a small on-chain organization along with budget proposal then allocate that among participants and towards initiatives within that swarm. A PAYROLL app on that can be used as the for paying incentives where people dedicate to committing time and effort are coordinated around creating high quality posts. As you can imagine we have a high demand - but it would awesome to make posts/announcements of HIGH quality and onboard users.

An ideal team would be anything up to 5 people who have dedicated roles that will be given incentives for their work to work towards a marketing plan for upcoming developments. This is not some type of insider group as all information is pre-announced about what’s coming next in 1Hive. This is just a secure swarm of Bees who are serious and committed about marketing and have demonstrated a consistent effort in producing content in the weeks past.

What is Marketing exactly ?

We are in a digital space so everything is done across media platforms (shock.horror)

The dedicated marketing swarm should consist of:

Graphic Designers
Video editors

They will publish HQ posts across social all 1Hive & Honeyswap social media accounts as contributors. I like the idea of posting on discourse for all reading content - but personally I prefer Medium for blogging as I like how it structures posts and includes graphics - so I guess there is no harm in posting on both.

I took the opportunity to secure '@honeyswap on twitter & ‘blog.honeyswap’ which will compliment the project beautify. I am in pursuit of trying to secure reddit but it seems some one has beaten us too it - we will see what can be done. [ If you own the r/honeyswap reddit and are reading this get in touch, maybe we can Collab]

I think we can be as big - if not bigger than some of the other leading DEX’s in terms of having a face on social media. If you check out the official social media accounts (like twitter) for other DEX’s you will see they are always posting HQ content to stay relevant.

As we have first mover advantage ( at least on xDAI ) I think we are in a great place to leverage this light we are under. Many influencers in the crypto space have been mentioning us and it is nice to engage with them publicly for mentioning us, as not every one is active on Discord.

** All ‘Honeyswap’ affiliated social media platforms should be handed off to those who have higher stakes in the project so I will be giving the @Honeyswap twitter and medium/ blog page to Luke **

Let me know what you think ? If you support this please give it a vote :


Hey, love the proposal!

I recently joined the 1hive community (through Discord) and joined primarily with the idea to help out a social media/designing team. I would imagine that an actual dedicated team will not only speed up the progress of design (strategies), but also help spread the word about 1hive exponentially quicker.

However right now (from my experience) there doesn’t seem to be an obvious distinction between an actual dedicated social media/marketing/design team and people who are just pumping out ‘random’ content for farming for credits. So it would make more sense to reward an actual team of designers and what not accordingly instead of all the potential ‘issues’ that are mentioned in your Current Status.

I however am too new to even think about suggesting ideas of how to fairly distribute credit or reward the team vs. random pumpingcontent4credit farming.

So yeah, I’m definitely for it - and willing to join/help out if it gets realized!


100% support this great idea, we are at the very early stage and need lots of push and support from not only the community but also a dedicated team where this long term project can be excelled.


I fully support this idea Honey B and you said it very well…

There is so much potential in this community right now, exponentially growing each and every day, exciting times, but in the same time we are facing some obstacles as well…

How to get organized and more productive ?
How to get the world hear more about Honeyswap and 1Hive ?

We found some answers to those questions by creating video content, designs and animations , lots of informative articles and social media coverage, we have even a library of Memes that is so big that if we create an NFT from each MEME we can make one more project with it :slight_smile: .

Those are some great answers on how to get exposure for a DEFI project like Honeyswap and outstanding Community like 1Hive. We just need to continue on that path…

The buzz swarm should work on making improvements into marketing and content creating and evolving the creativity into informing the World about the newest developments on 1Hive.

The possibilities are huge and we should never stop, we need to keep searching and develop ,we will need to lift up the game on a higher level and use that potential we have here towards growing the community organically every day and making it an even better place !


Great thread, and great proposal.
I also completely agree with @solarmkd
You’re doing great work @HoneyB!


We all agree that the dev team is the core group of this project with them we will not have a working product but I strongly believe that having a solid marketing team is also a vital part of an organization’s success. How can you sell your product if you don’t present it to your customer. We need to promote our products in all kinds of media so for that! Up for this one.


Can you explain how you would use the money more specifically or how it will be managed? The post implies putting it in a Payroll app in an independant DAO. If that’s the case can you add a link to that DAO and highlight who are members of it?


I like this. Completely agree with everyone in this thread. Keeping an eye out for whatever the resolution on this proposal is. Learning as much as I can atm to be as useful as possible.


Great proposal and I enjoy reading it as well.

  1. As someone said above devs are the main group of people without whom this project would not have progressed.
  2. We getting to marketing where everything is starting to bubble up.When project have good marketing then a lot of people start hearing about same.

I was talking few days ago with @solarmkd about creating some kind of team for making some official videos on maybe honeyswap youtube channel. Where someone can edit video some can record make transcript what he will say in the video and etc.

From my side of view this proposal Iam giving big :+1:


Fully support the proposal but I would also add a media management. We need to start contacting crypto youtubers and crypto related media to get exposure. Having at least one person taking care of that. As much as the marketing material, we need the exposure from all existing channels.

I will be completely honest - I don’t know how 100% it works from a technical perspective but we had a Cafe call and @lkngtn took a few of us through it with a screen share. There PayRoll app he added to to Aragon. Here:

Once this set up - A form of a ‘Salary’ was setup and content creators/ social media managers like myself would be able to be distributed through there for our work. ‘Salary’ in this case should be taken lightly as it not an annual payment ( just yet anyway ) but rather a pool of HNY to take a request from for your work.

In the test run we discussed it worked like this:

  • The salary was proposed and BUZZ tokens were used for voting.

  • Vote was won

  • @lkngtn added the proposed Salary of 10 HNY.

  • I can request a amount of this every month or so for my input.

There are a few people from the community who have shown a consistent effort around pushing content, guides, graphics and video material - so if we could all collaborate as a small team and this set it would work.

I can only apologies if this not make sense as I’m only going by how I seen it works.

Who is chosen exactly ?

Well that’s still a work in progress. There have been some community members who have shown consistency across the board so I think they seem serious. I have seen that some type of twitter integration to pollen is looking to happen so that is awesome - but even then Im not sure how you would measure the input for cred.


Totally agree! Look at what has been accomplished with community made marketing and mentions from youtubers! ! I acknowledged them for their efforts via twitter so they know we are listening. :blush:

Hi HoneyB,

Great write-up, thanks. As we discussed last night, I totally agree this is the way forward.
It will be difficult to draw a circle around the base group as there needs to be tight integration with the Terra/Translation swarm as well as the Design team of course.

I always joke that ‘A decentralised organisation with an official Twitter account isn’t decentralized’, but do think we need to give up a bit of our desired chaos so we can share a level or trust towards our fellow bees and interested New-Bees. So at least ‘official’ announcement channels, approved manuals/guides etc.

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Notwithstanding the above, I do think that your post should be regarded as an intent and that the real proposal should include names and budget and some kind of planning. So we should discuss this and set up a proper proposal that can be linked from a DAO proposal.

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No need to apologise, this stuff is new to all of us!

I see 2 addresses in the tokens app in that DAO. Presumably you are one, is @lkngtn the other one? Also who put in the initial 1 HNY?

Along with @Harry, I also think it would be good to have a more concrete proposal, with whoever else may be involved, with which we can more accurately determine an amount. I would love to see something that ensures many of the other contributors to buzz get rewarded.

However, in the mean time I’m also happy to vote in favour of proposals for 1 HNY each month (or equivalent amount at the time if it drops) so you can continue to be paid through the Payroll app as I believe it is set up now.


The initial 1HNY was put in by Luke - and yes one acc was mine other one was his, to run the whole demo ( as with out it it wouldn’t work ) - this 1HNY was then removed.

In terms of specific individuals that I had in mind:

@Harry : Great writing skills and other skills he may have
@D0SH & @solarmkd : Video editing/ producing
@Fiora : I believe she does design work ?
@Myself : Social media management / writing / graphics design /animation - You can check the @honeyswap account for my activity since the 27/09/2020 I opened the account and 85 tweets later we have around 1300 followers ( waiting to flip the 1hive org twitter LOL )

If there is another way to ‘delegate’ individuals then feel free to do so.

We can have a cafe meeting if required to finalise everything if needed.

Collectively we can work on things together imo.


Vouching for myself here, I’d apply for the graphic design team, if needed could show off some work if I have anything left on my computer.
Also been working on the Discord emojis, but have been working and discussing this with a moderator (Jasper) directly for the past week or 2.


I think is best idea everyone who is interesting to come in cafe when everyone have time and just talk who can be on which position.Now I can talk for me a lot of staff but thats not the point.What only I can say that I will try to make to video/editing team If there is some chance :smiley:
If there is not then I will wait for maybe another recruitment for marketing team.

Great initiative. You are doing an excellent work @HoneyB.

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Agree, the twitter stuff alone is awesome, great organic growth