Message from a Bee that lost his way

First of all I want to seek forgiveness in the community. I’m here because somehow I want to explain my side on the issue. I’m out for almost a 2 weeks now because of the storm hitting my country twice and there’s another one coming this weekend my town and province was sustained several damage and submerging my town underwater. It was only this time I known about the issue.

I admit Jacquelyn and Jericho were my colleagues, I was the one who introduced and convinced them to look at this project. I just gave them a shallow explanation for this project and I say it’s just like a social media platform you just need to like and react to another message and admittedly said (especially my message). I never thought that this issue would blown out of hands. I know many of you had a bad thing to say against me or even don’t believe to my explanation but I swear I don’t have any ill intension for this project and even want to destroy this community. I already told them to retract all the emoji they give to me as in all of them. I was here when the discord has only about 400 members. I know I didn’t give much contribution about this project but I know somehow I made even a little contribution for the community especially during the time there’s a sudden influx of new members in discord. I am here explaining because I still want to be part of this community I know I made a mistake and this will never happen again.

I know there’s no much thing I can do for the damage I made in this community but just look on the brighter side it open a can of worm for us to address the issue. I hope you guys give me a second chance if not I still support the community in the sidelines. Im really praying for this community success. Thank you for taking the time reading this.


Hey @wafey123, I’m glad we get to hear your side. Things didn’t exactly go as I would’ve liked them to and I’m happy to hear you still want to stick around. Hopefully people will welcome you back together with me. I had noticed the other two accounts had already exited the discord server and that the likes had gone, which ties in with what you’ve just told us. Thanks for sharing, and hope to see you around in the support channels again.


@wafey123 Go and sin no more.


Hey Wafey,

Thanks for coming clean on this, it takes some courage to come forward and admit you have made a mistake. I always liked having you around this discord so I would be happy to have you back.

I am not sure I would be in support of distributing your honey though, and it might be a gesture of goodwill for you to turn offer to turn it back over to the community.

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Hey man!

First off i want to say i hope you are safe where you are from the coming storm. I never really chatted with you a lot but i believe that actions speak louder then words. Therefore this apology is a great step in the right direction. There are a few concerns that i have and im hoping you can expand on as am i not be the only one sharing these thoughts and feelings.

  • In your opinion how do you think we should treat people gaming the system?

  • How do you think other members feel that their contributions that they put effort and time into have now been skewed due to your actions?

  • If we let you back in, how will 1Hive be affected in terms of their image and integrity of things that are right and wrong?Is it ok to cheat and steal?

  • If you were to set yourself a punishment for the actions you have taken what would it be?

I hope you take the time to answer these as honestly as possible as it will set an example for others. This environment that has been created amongst gaming needs to be brought to light as its ruining alot of people experiences within 1Hive including my own. We have wasted far to much time on these issues when we could be creating and innovating the future of DEFI.


Cool to see an apology and your side of the story. And yeah, the can of worms being opened I think was ultimately likely productive. Whether the timing did more harm than good will have to be determined over time I suppose.

I welcome you back, but cautiously. Actions speak louder than words. Your having the likes deleted was a step in the right direction. I imagine if you start putting in the work and contributing value consistently, you could be a valuable addition to the community. If not, will stop liking and reacting to your stuff.