Metamask issue transfer between accts

Hey Guys / Ladies,

Not sure if I lost my funds due to ignorance. I figured transferring between accounts was the same as transferring between metamask wallets (xdai chain to Eth mainnet wallet).

I sent 73.364300512154880928 STAKE to 0xF4f976182Dc7Ed0EBC1289e5d000D34AF90DA7A4
From wallet: 0xE6ed7FCDD5eDCe9C73f5C28f72F369F4c6d8c44C

Here is the transaction details

Is this money now gone forever? If so, that really sucks.

Any help would be really appreciated. I could really use those funds… you live and you learn I guess.

Thank you in advance.

Have you checked your wallet on blockscout?
If you sent to the correct address your funds are not lost.
Are you on the 1Hive Discord?
Our help channel is the best place to get support.

If you can access this account 0xF4f976182Dc7Ed0EBC1289e5d000D34AF90DA7A4 in metamask, your funds are safe.

Just import/login to that wallet in metamask and use bridge next time.

just check your tokens are in this wallet -

All set. Between Felix and metaverde - my issue has been solved. You both are awesome and this was greatly appreciated.

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