~ Money Stream Proposal ~ Mati active contributor

~ Money Stream Proposal ~ Mati active contributor

Hello! :smiley: I’m Matias from Uruguay and I’ve been buzzing around in the 1Hive community for a year and a half now

Experience and background:
I’ve self-taught my way into frontend development and completed a Solidity and blockchain bootcamp with encode.club. My ambition is to become a full-stack web3 developer, and I’m actively learning to achieve this goal.
I participated and won in the Bogota Hackathon 2022 and I was honored to be chosen as the representative for Eth-uruguay team in the ETH-Argentina Buildathon this August."

In my time here, I’ve contributed by implementing the dark mode and creating a quest that inspired GARDENS v2.

Current and Future Participation:
I’m like a bee on a mission. Participating in meetings and recently assisted in applying for the SAFE grant. You can often find me active on Discord, where I’m discussing ideas and future GARDENS implementations. I’m dedicated to become one of the core frontend developers for this purpose.

Vision for 1Hive
My vision for 1Hive is to see innovations in the current protocol. This community holds the potential to lead the way in the future of finance and governance, right ?

So thank you, bees :honeybee: for taking a moment to dive into my proposal. Your support means a lot and motivates me to work harder. I will keep posting on my ongoing contributions.

You can reach me anytime on Discord: mati0x