[Music Video] Is Privacy in defiance of Internet Metaphysics?

Before talking about privacy we first have to first talk about the emergent property of cyberpunk metaphysics.

That information wants to be free… it has this innate desire to be free.

I mean there are some people who I think don’t really believe that and that’s okay but what I’m trying to hone in on and bringing this up is the idea that working on privacy is somehow in defiance of that law of Internet metaphysics.

I think that at first blush it might seem that way because well why are you keeping something private and wants to be open or wants to be read and seen.

But the truth of the matter is that these two are not only NOT incompatible but they are profoundly complementary…

If you enjoyed this… out Justin Jamming Live on Monday:

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Hey friends. Yeah, I’m excited to play. Obviously I really look forward to sharing air with you all again to facilitate sound through simply pressure waves (you know, how we talk and play music in everyday life), but for the moment, this is a blessing.


That was a great way to start my day, awesome music & impressive throat singing as well as nice commentary on the internet’s current state of affairs; glad you’re here :^))

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Thank you for sharing this here Griff!

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Just a reminder: I’m playing three hours from now at Hello Decentralization.

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