Need more Rinkeby Nectar for Bees and Beezus fans!

Mint more Nectar!

The proposal is not yet posted on the Beezu garden.
We are discussing.

We need to mint more Nectar.
There is still a huge response to Beezu’s Gardens Rinkeby test and I am still receiving requests for Nectar. Also, we need Nectar to add liquidity so that Bees and Beezu fans can play around on Honeyswap and participate in future tests.

I’m not sure how much to mint.
What’s an appropriate amount to start a pool on Rinkeby?


You’ll need to pair it with something. How much Rinkeby Dai or HNY do you have?

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Oh my goodness NONE!
I don’t know that I was thinking I would create the pool all by myself.
I’m hoping @sand3sh will pop in with his pool ideas.
Otherwise, @CurlyBracketEffect, it appears we need a second proposal to see if maybe Rinkeby 1Hive can post the Honey side of a pool.
Is that a thing?

Agree with you!

a query that vote or test in rinkerbi with the nectar what purpose it has, approve? or just test the function?

Loving the enthusiasm here @metaverde and curly - matches my level of degen desire to aquire test nectar … hahaha!! Could I suggest we can all donate some of the Test HNY we received during Celeste and other tests?? Not sure if this is the HNY we can use?

Also I know we can mint DAI on Rinkeby. I did that for the recent Tulip farm tests on Rinkeby. May be we can get some volunteers to mint the DAI needed.

I was able to mint about 100$ per faucet claim. I minted around $1000 in about 3 min but there seems to be no cap on the faucet. If you need instructions please let me know and I will drop them here.

So if we can get like 10 volunteers we should be able to have enough to start a pool I assume? I am sure there is more beezu fans willing to click a button a few times!


Ok update … I kept clicking on the faucet coz it was just fun … and I had nothing to do for a few min… lmao… so i got 4000 test DAI to donate to the cause. Let me know meta if you need it.

Also was thinking I could make a pool with some of my own NECTAR and DAI. Let me know if you want me to start the pool and then we could take the DAI we get from the POOL (assuming ppl will actually buy the NECTAR) and leave the pool DAI rich and re-supply the pool again!

I made a small pool with Rinkleby eth and NCTR, which worked fine. I couldnt use it to make a transaction though. The swap function just goes to a white screen as soon as I try to use it. I think there may be a bug that will stop people swapping.

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Hello, where should I go to get information about the rinkeby project? I think it is an interesting discussion!

Hey @Sina. Rinkeby itself is one of some official Ethereum test network where people can do testing of a projects before it goes live into Ethereum main network and Ethereum sidechains. As i know that there is no any documentation about Rinkeby projects except the rETH (Rinkeby test ETH) faucet which is the place for asking some rETH to pay fees. All of things including assets in the test networks doesn’t have real world value. By the way, if you want to keep updated about Beezu then join the Discord server.

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I have Rinkeby ETH and could set up a pool with that.
But right now I can’t even get Honeyswap to display properly when on Rinkeby. The page turns white as soon as I try to change one of the tokens I want to pair/swap. Anyone know a fix for this? I’m using Brave with current update.

I was looking and it seems that no one has contested a proposal on Beezu’s Gardens… I would do it but I have no HNYT (for the reason above). Shouldn’t that be tetsed?

I have the same issue with Honeyswap on Rinkeby