New bridge guide out to move tokens from ETH, BSC & MATIC/POLYGON

Here is a new guide for ETH, BSC, & MATIC/POLYGON token bridging.


Good day. I read all of the information you supplied; it was fascinating; it appears to be same to binance bridge; nonetheless, my question is: what is the difference between polygon and binance bridge? Given that both serve the same purpose, what is the benefit of the polygon bridge that encourages people to utilize it?

Binance Bridge lets you move assets BSC <-> Ethereum
Matic Wallet Bridge lets you move assets Ethereum <-> Polygon
xPollinate lets you go xDAI <-> Polygon, BSC <-> Polygon, BSC <-> xDAI, but only for stablecoins

They all function is essentially the same way. The difference is that the bridges let you move assets between specific pairs of chains, in the same way that literal bridges let you move between two bodies of land.

The other major distinction (aside from where you can move funds between) is that Binance Bridge charges extremely high fees to bridge some assets because they want to privilege the use of certain tokens over others.