NFBeez First Vote - Community Feedback

Hi all 1Hivers!

The NFBeez has their first vote on

This vote is covering an issue we are having with slippage and payments to artists and team. If you were airdropped an NFT or minted one, we would love your community feedback on the issue also while being transparent.


I already cast my vote, how great to be able to have instant voting power using our Nfbeez great job @billyjitsu

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Yes! If you have been an early supporter of 1hive or participated in 1hive events (1hivetv and trivia). Many non financial commitment chances to be part of the vote.

The community gets to shape this project as we evolve.

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look for new use cases over time for anything that might be useful to NFT!

Looking forward to when Gardens has NFT support and those quests. It would be great for contests