Nfbeez (pfp) drop for the most active beez of the hive (ENTRIES CLOSED 30th NOV)

Hey Rohek, in this current budget proposal. Each artist would get 2 NFTs each roughly.

Also, we will be having many more give aways. In process of seeing the best way to handle this

There will more opportunities for the community to win

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@billyjitsu I think, Excellent, I will look forward to that moment of having the nft in my possession! I am arriving in Colombia today tomorrow I will finish my other proposal of bees!


EVERYONE - Just a reminder message to bring the post to the top, anyone eligible (check the OP) should fill out the form on or before 30th November. Please note that the form will be locked and unavailable if you have missed the deadline. Thanks.

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Thanks for all the work you are putting into the NFBeez project, it is really exciting to follow all the creative designers we have on 1Hive and every submitted bee brings me joy.


Thank you ALL who have claimed your NFT! We have hit the submissions limit and date limit so no submissions are closed. We will go through each of the submissions to make sure that they are verified via the sourcecred. A way to say thank you for supporting 1hive the way you do. Not to worry, there will be more ways to earn an NFT coming soon…