NFT a definitive guide before we get started with Beezu - NFT Battles

What is NFT ?

  • Internet brought in the concept of sending a copy data from point A to B. Blockchain has bought the concept of sending only one set of unique value or item from point A to point B where there no different copy exists. We are moving from sending information to sending an asset in this transitive period.

  • NFTs are digital certificates that authenticate a claim of ownership to an asset, and allow it to be transferred or sold. The ownership and certificates are secured with blockchain technology similar to what constructs Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A blockchain is a decentralized alternative to a central database.

  • Blockchains store an irrefutable encrypted transaction ledger which is replicated across a network of online machines that prevent tampering or disputing ownership. This makes them useful for vital record keeping.

  • The key difference between NFTs and cryptocurrencies is that cryptos allow ‘fungible trade’, i.e you can exchange 1 BTC with equal value of another 1 BTC but NFTs are by definition ‘non-fungible’ that they exist as one and solely one copy of itself on the ledger.

  • You can track an asset from its mint to its ownership to n number of owners among its journey.

Its an image copy or asset copy ?

You may ask this question why do buyers are paying millions for just a piece of an image anyone can copy it ? Ofcourse yes ? Don’t we have this same argument for physical art -

Starry Night

Technology makes it easy to reproduce to perfection the most outstanding and beautiful works of art ever produced. To put this in perspective, AI can reproduce for you as an illustration of Van Gogh’s Irises painting to the right. What’s the value of that image on your screen right now? Not even a penny. What’s the value of the original hanging on the wall of an art gallery? (Approx $53.9 Million in 1987 – the last time it sold). There are billionaires ready to buy this for $1 Billion.

So that hanging on the wall part is nothing but displaying your ownership by inviting someone to your house may be the same is now digitally achievable and verifiable via blockchain. Just show the ownership on chain for the unique NFT piece created.

How Are NFTs Being Used Today?

  • Popular music producer 3LAU amassed $11.6 million on an NFT auction around his latest album. The top bidder received a custom song created by 3LAU, an NFT for each track on the album, unreleased music, and even a physical copy on vinyl.

  • ‘NBA Top Shot’ sells NBA player highlights, trading cards, digital artwork, and more. Customers have generated the company over $330 million as of early 2021. With highlight reels of LeBron James going for nearly $200,000.

  • The famous crypto collectible game,CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, allows users to buy unique digital cats/axies and breed them on the blockchain. One of the most expensive CryptoKitties ever sold [was worth approximately $170,000.] And recently one land on Axie was sold for $1.5 Million

Why I am saying all these is that we are bringing similar project call Beezu - NFT Battles on xDAI with a swarm of like minded developers, artists and contributors within 1hive community members and the project is ongoing and launching such new per NFT pets which will be breedable, playable and earn money by playing and staking soon. Join the Discord and keep your ears open in 1hive discords for kick start of project to mainnet soon.

Will leave you with this article which gives more info on the latest hype -

Also leaving you with cool rap on NFT x Eminem by SNL

Leaving you why you should be excited along with Elon Musk about NFTs. Elon is shilling NFT after BTC and DOGE, third in line no so wonder we need to get excited as well


Can I translate this post into romanian and create another post on the forum(in romanian)?

Upto you mate, this is generalized content I am making the community aware about NFTs

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Hey bud… Not sure if the forum is the space to have translated articles… I was having a discussion about this in #help and you may want to ask before making a translated post here

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I am so pumped for Beezu! It’s one thing to make art NFTs but when they have a use in games too that just makes me happy.

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Appreciate your excitement lets walk in this together in 1hive and bring an awesome fun experience to the table

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Mate… i am really excited about this project. I have been dropping into discord but not much happening … i guess the devs are hard at work … i really hope this kicks off like one of the original main net games and i can catch the wave at the start! I have asked on discord, but also saying it out here… would really like to be a volunteer tester if and when there is a need for it. Please do update either the forum post or discord when you may need some testing done pre-release!


Definitely testing will start soon for breeding, on-sale test contracts and probably staking will call for you and community support for this soon.


No problem, I represent a collective of creatives and this post is a great way of explaining them this stuff. A lot of them don’t know english.

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I am anxious and curious how the future holds for us, NFT may be the future, because we are too close already

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Somehow tells me when we reach apptox 0 fees on mainnet real NFT use cases will start sprouting after key governments adoption.


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Also leaving you with cool rap on NFT x Eminem by SNL

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Awesome thread man, let’s keep this topic busy with useful information about NFTs.

I like this article on hackernoon :slight_smile:


I have read this it’s an interesting article. NFTs are kicking ass once which are getting attention not some random generator image

Elon musk is kicked about NFT check his tweet