Noob questions about 1Hive


I just came across 1Hive today and I’m happy to finally see more projects like things coming to life. However I have some questions so signed up to this forum so I could post them:

Question 1:
When I try to see the Scrum Board, it takes me to a page from ZenHub where it asks me to sign in with my Github account, it then proceeds to ask for permission to see my private repos.
Are there plans to change these requirements (including not asking to see my private repos) in the future in order to be able to see Celeste’s Scrum Board?

Question 2:
Is there an official date set for when “Celeste is considered established”?

Question 3:
Is there a specific set of requirements for when “Celeste is considered established”?

Question 4:
In this page: https:// wiki. 1hive. org/ in the Power Dynamics paragraph, it mentions the following:

it’s also important to recognize that since Honey is a currency it can be purchased and accumulated by those that have an abundance of capital outside of 1Hive. Therefore we must also establish rules (the Community Covenant) and dispute resolution processes (Celeste)

However, after navigating to the Community Covenant page (https ://wiki .1hive .org/community-covenant) and to the Celeste page (https:/ /wiki. 1hive .org/community/swarms/celeste) I could only see rules for when someone could feel offended by someone else’s actions. However I did not see any mention of any rules pertaining purchases “by those that have an abundance of capital outside of 1Hive”.
Do you have plans for adding such rules as mentioned in the Power Dynamics Paragraph?

Question 5:
In the BrightID page (https:/ /wiki.1hive. org/guides/brightid) the word “Celeste” is crossed out. Does that mean that keepers in Celeste are not required to be BrightID verified?

Thank you.

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@david welcome to 1Hive. I am not an expert on the questions you asked, but I can point you in the direction where you may find answers quicker.

I hope you have already joined the 1Hive discord. If not here is the link:

Once you have joined the discord server, please head to #role-selection channel under bees and you should be able to select icons that related to the various public and swarm specific channels.

For the Celeste related questions, your best bet is to join the swarm channel and ask these questions there. You have a hight likelihood of getting answers quicker as this forum can sometimes be not as widely used.

Thank you for your answer, but for the sake of transparency and trust, I would much prefer the answers to be stated in this public forum.
Thank you.

The Discord server is the main public forum for 1Hive.
If you give them a heads up there you’re more likely to get your questions answered here.