"Our Farming Story" by Farmer Beez - Farms Alive Reactions

Hey farmer beez… So its officially farming and harvest season at 1Hive and after having a super cool start to the farms and having experienced the buzz of aping into the farms and dizzying APY’s I thought it would be cool to collect some reactions here to show what the community spirit is like about our shiny new farms and get all you ‘hard working’ farmer beez to provide some feedback.

Here is some cues to help you provide feedback:

  1. What’s your 1Hive story ?
  2. First time or OG to Yield Farming?
  3. What is working well in our Farms – What do you like?
  4. What is not working – what can be improved?
  5. What is different about these farms when compared to others if you have the experience?
  6. What is you thoughts about xCOMB and its tokenomics?
  7. What is a “MUST HAVE” feature that is missing from our farms wallet? (Give only 1 - or if you cant resist may be 2)

@D0SH @twells hope you guys can keep an eye on this post and take any feedback to the Tulip team and @philogy (I cant find him in here!! Not sure about his discourse ID!)


I will go first to start this off:

  1. Have been around 1Hive actively may be for 3 or so months. Low tech, low creative user that is just excited about 1Hive and the opportunity it provides me to learn about all things crypto. 1Hive has been my place of learning, experimenting, testing and engaging with a community that is unlike any other!
  2. I would’nt say I am an OG, but i do have some deep scars from farming in the late DeFI summer and getting really burnt as i did not understand the concept of degen or Pool 2’s.
  3. I really like that our farms come with an integrated wallet and portfolio viewer so I can have an overview of all my portfolio from the one place. I also like the simple interface without too many complications and too many pools to manage.
  4. Here are some issues/improvements:
  • I think there is some issues with the wallet pages refreshing correctly especially between Approve and Deposit transactions or when I am changing my liquidity pool holdings on another tab using Honeyswap. It seems like I have to keep refreshing the page to ensure that the information is displayed correctly.
  • Would really like to have an input text box to type in numbers for LP amount to stake and days. Slider is cool but can be painful to control for minute changes.
  • Harvest all button please
  • Could we add like an auto harvest and add to LP button!! so that the harvested xCOMB could be added with wxDAI if available in the wallet or 50% converted to wxDAI and then pooled to the xCOMB-wxDAI pool?
  • In “My Deposits” where we see the LP token amount, could it be possible to see our individual token breakdown especially if being locked for few months and volatile market conditions, it would help to see the impact of IL on tokens.
  1. I think most other farms i have seen are logo, banner and graphic intensive - but ours are simple but in a good way i think. Also since we only support 10 farms initially the layout works, we may need to think again once we start going upwards of 25 or more farms.
  2. I am a degen … so xCOMB all the way to the moon!! I think if I had the option I would have locked my xCOMB-wxDAI LP for 2 years… lol
  3. My ‘MUST HAVE’: Input text boxes for LP amount and Lock days when staking.

I honestly think @project_uwb hit basically all the points I would have brought up.

I can add that my 1Hive story goes back to sometime in the fall of last year and it took me several months to wrap my head around what is going on here. I was around for the initial batch of farms, and this is infinitely better. I am highly intrigued by the tokenomics of xComb. I am certainly holding for the long term but like that, the bonus was limited to 4-month increments.

I strongly agree that the slider is not ideal for the LP token amount. I can manage with the duration because days are represented in whole numbers only.

The page refreshing all the time is SUPER annoying. Especially if you are on the second page of “My Deposits” and you are trying to Harvest but it refreshes as you are clicking and you end up clicking something on the first page :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I agree with this :point_up_2:t4:

Must have for me is a Harvest all button. And please stop the page from refreshing while I am trying to Harvest on the second page of My Deposits.

  1. Back to January, 2021. I was introduced to 1hive by the HNY faucet that requires BrightID verification. Currently what I’m fighting for myself now is the inconsistency of myself as i am currently still learning at University and it makes me not really active in this community. I am mostly just watched the replay of events that is posted on 1hive YouTube channel. I am a low tech and can not generate a fresh idea but i can give ideas on existing projects.
  2. I am not an OG nor also the first time to the yield farming. The first time of my yield farming was on TRX blockchain. The token used to be rewards was not really going successful even though there was a fee for harvesting the token that starts from 75% and going down linearly to minimum fee which is 15% of the amount harvested in 5 days. The token was going down from around 1000 TRX to around 100 TRX at that time. Now they’re already moved to Huobi Eco chain but i don’t really know anymore about the condition of the project.
  3. The thing that i liked is the UI that looks very clean and it’s easy to navigate almost like the pancakeswap, the all feature in one place in the farm site.
  4. Here some issues/improvements that i like to tell.
    • I don’t know if it is just my phone or maybe the farm site is not compatible with wallet browser but i can not access the site through mobile wallet browser like alphawallet or metamask. In metamask, it just shows a blank white screen after the loading. In alphawallet, after the login of the wallet, i am stuck with a bee loading animation that appears on all page of the site including portfolio, farm, swap, pool, and lend/borrow.
    • I wonder if it possible to have withdraw and harvest all button in the top of the my deposit page to make it efficient.
  5. There is no much differents on these farms with other farms except the tokenomics of the token.
  6. I think the tokenomics of xCOMB token have really good tokenomics.
  7. Currently the farms site is having problems in mobile wallet browser. Hope it is optimized in the future for mobile phone.
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