Participate in Governance!

The Gardens team is putting together new video content to provide the info + encouragement needed to help DAO members feel at home using our on-chain governance tool! :sunflower:

Support a Proposal (new today)

Gardens Overview (~2w old)

Other governance features will be covered in the near future : ) If you have never supported a proposal in the Honeypot before, now is a great time to do so! :honey_pot:

Head over to the Gardens dapp to access other communities, Agave, BrightID & Cold Truth Culture.

Feedback welcome as always + please share vid links with ppl you think would benefit! :honeybee:


Well-done @twells keep it up

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Thanks to the DAO team for their good work of bringing us information and making us become more and more part of the 1hive community. Good job :+1:


Great work DAO team … Thanks for the info

That’s great work from the DAO team. Amazing! :honeybee:

It would be excellent to use guides on how to participate. I have participated in some but I need to learn more about the subject

Great work @twells nice info this community is looking forward to have more of you in the community