Payment for Honeyswap Analytics Page Repair

Proposal description:

Vote here β†’ Proposal 162

The proposal is to request payment for past work completed by Hernando. Hernando played a integral part in repairing the honeyswap analytics charts. For those that do not know, honeyswaps analytics page was down for approximately a month and Hernando took the initiative to repair the analytics page without any expectation/anticipation of payment.

I personally do not like this approach of payment style. Ideally we would have a swarm identifying these types of maintenance activities proactively or some process that would encourage people to create bounties for developers. However, we are not there yet and those who help should be rewarded appropriately.

Rationale for Payment amount
Arguablly some will say this is not enough, some will say this is too much.

Full transparency the task took approximately 4-6 hrs (pricing the job at arguably 5 x $50 = $250).

Considering supply (lack of devs being able to work on this) and demand (one of the highest visibility features of 1hive). A payment in my opinion of ~$1,000 is fair compromise for those who may think it is too much or too little.

Funding Information (For Funding Proposals)

Amount of HNY requested:
1.3 HNY or ~$1,000

Work is complete.
Payment will execute pending the outcome of the DAO vote on this proposal.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:


Thank you for this Monstro.
I will be sure to vote for the proposal.

Hernando is an extremely active and valuable part of our community.
Even if this is β€œtoo much” (it is not, especially considering), the unpaid unrecognized work Hernando does more than makes up for it.

Agree with the proposal and in my short time here have noticed that Hernando is always active and willing to help. I think the proposal is fair and will vote for sure!

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Voted. Thank you Hernando!

Definitely gonna vote for it

I think its fair. You have my vote.

I support this, voting now :honeybee: