pCOMB farmer POAP drop

Hey 1Hivers and degen bees, to have something small and exciting, the 1Hive community have delivered again another POAP for the pCOMB farmers.
This was a truly 1Hive community design and full credit goes to @Rohekbenitez @harsh24 @blackhawk in creating this amazing looking animated POAP.
Also @Jasper again helped us out kindly to extract the list of addresses that qualified.

Qualifying criteria: Must have farmed on any of the pCOMB farms in Polygon on or before the 1st of Aug 2021.

Link to claim: https://poap.delivery/pcomb-farmer

Thanks to everyone that chipped in and supported me in the design and providing comment on the POAP designs.

Check out the stats on the claims here if you are interested: https://poap.gallery/event/4749


This is cool thank you :smiley: I thought I would be first to claim but looking at the site I see like 25 other people claimed it already, very fast… anyway, this is fun. I have no idea what POAP’s do/are for but I like collecting things


Thanks for the effort brother, always willing to work for 1hive and with great people that make up this great ecosystem, for me it is an honor to be part of 1hive!

Hugs and good vibes to all the Bees!

Great Job Guys @project_uwb @harsh24 @Jasper @blackhawk :honeybee:


The POAP is great and it’s lovely. Thank you very much @project_uwb
and thanks to other guys for helping.


Working for 1hive is Cool. because 1Hive is Cool. The poap is also Cool.
Everything is Cool. :wink:

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Thanks bro. You are great in 1Hive. You are a real bee, you know.

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Thank you Brother Greetings, and hugs from the Coffee Corner of Colombia! :honeybee:

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Is there a way to convert xComb to pComb?

Well … the only way i can think of is swap your xCOMB for xDAI, use xPollinate bridge and tfer xDAI to polygon and then use the xDAI to swap for pCOMB. I dont think there is a direct way to convert yet.

thanks! I was afraid that this is the only way, sadly xComb doesn’t have such great backing

Hello my friend. As @project_uwb said, you have to bridge it through xPollinate.

btw, Have you joined us on our discord community?

Thanks a lot @project_uwb
It’s my honor that i could help with the poap.
I actually owe this to you because you gave me a chance to learn how to make and work with apng format.


And also thanks a lot to @Rohekbenitez and @blackhawk for their great designs and @Jasper for his help.


It’s great to work for 1hive it’s the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, I love you guys!

I’m on discord but I just can’t keep up :smiley: to much stuff going so it’s hard to work and keep track on everything

No problem my friend. I wish you the best and good luck. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I just wanted to be sure that you haven’t missed the 1Hive discord community. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: