PFBeez preliminary funding proposal!

PFBeez preliminary funding

You may have heard that we are dropping a pretty sweet custom 1hive pfp NFT project that will have very diverse utility functions. And if you don’t know, now you know. I am talking about specialized artwork that captures the spirit of our community and our closest neighbors just right. We aren’t talking about Beeple and Banksy here…even regular bee-keepers like us will be able to snag a couple of these bad-boys.

  • We have been diligently working on this project in the background for the last 3 months from our own pockets. You heard that right! Zero budget so far. While we are proud of that fact we really want to feed our starving artists so they don’t pass out heh-heh. They are committed crypto OGs like us but they still need to pay their bills.*

Proposal Rationale

I am proposing that 1Hive fund our artists and lead dev with a small sum of 1 $HNY each. This is a tiny proposal that will hardly ripple the treasury. If you support 1Hive, and the communities like TEC, Metagame, Gitcoin, Uma, and Giveth then please vote in support of this pfp NFT project. We only need a little, to keep this project moving smoothly.

I have been a part of this community for over 12 months and am getting deeply involved in many ways. I am relying partly on this reputation for the success of my proposal. 1Hive knows me. You folks know me. I ask for your trust, your trust in me - @ZER8, to keep promoting this community. My articles that I have written for 1hive and Agave are testament to my dedication and love for this Dao and also the other events I working on that involve 1Hive. Even if no one knows I am always promoting and talking about 1Hive constantly in all the DAOs I am contributing because 1Hive is my home! You are my family and I work hard to help us thrive & grow. I am keeping this short because I would rather be working on the pfp NFT project than writing proposals.

Now I believe this pfp NFT project will really pull the DAOs involved closer together. Dao-to-Dao cooperation in a social atmosphere. It is the relationships that really matter so help me to help 1Hive relationships. I hate self-promotion and shilling and this is a hard proposal for me to write but I can’t bear seeing those hard-working artists go unpaid any longer. None of the $HNY is for me. I refuse a salary for the present moment because I am in this to support and celebrate my ‘meta’-family 1Hive. Thank you for your consideration.

Our deadly deadline by which we desire to have all the art and designs from all of 1Hive’s DAO friends and all of the artists in the community is 20.11.2021
A big portion of the funds requested are to incentivize the external artists from other DAOs

We have already delivered the following:

  • @billyjitsu has created a working dApp that will be used to mint the PFBeez, he has also thought about all the programming, minting, currency, frontend and backend barriers we might have. He worked a lot on this and you can see this in the #pfp thread under #canon
  • @Gigadig has already created most of the art required and it’s not a small effort, it was quite a LOT of work from his side, he also designed a artist template and all the details of the rarity system that we will use
  • @ZER8 has strategized and communicated his vision for this project on behalf of 1Hive to all the following communities: xDAI, xDaipunks, xDAItigers, CTC, AGAVE, TEC, Commons Stack, UMA and more will hopefully come. He will also be one of the leads in the marketing/strategy team and project management after launch

Team Information

@ZER8 @billyjitsu @Gigadig @Rohekbenitez @AbsoluteUnit @project_uwb

Skills and previous experience in related or similar work:
What are some of your skills or related experience that might help inform HNY holders about your ability to execute on your proposal

Funding Information

We are requesting a very small amount of funds, namely 5 $HNY

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

** Link to the proposal

The $HNY will be used as retroactive payments for all the people involved actively in the PFBeez project and for paying the other designers working on PFBeez designs from all the communities mentioned above


Special thanks to @Blazingthirdeye for helping us write this proposal and for all his efforts in 1Hive
He is a really dedicated bee and an overachiever, we are lucky to have him in this amazing community!


It is, in my opinion, extremely beneficial to the community. I applaud and support your work. @ZER8

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Hey @ZER8 thanks for putting this proposal together. I really hope we can secure the HNY to pay Billy and the artists that have been working. I think 155 HNY is needed to support this proposal, which is a big deal, noting that the Pollen proposals are struggling to get through, we may need to do some targeted requests to get this over the line! Great job!


Thank you for voicing this @project_uwb. Yes I know, I will need support for this to pass!

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Hey Guys, truly appreciate the thought! The reason I joined in was because I thought it was a cool idea… and then when I found out about it being cross community… I was sold. It’s really about the artists and the communities they represent and how we all work together.
So saying it publicly here: If this proposal passes, definitely use most of it for costs that we have built a bit but any share that I would get… I will give the first FOUR artists that complete their work (and send to Giga) 25% of whatever I get for this proposal. Meaning if I get 1 hny - 4 artists will each get .25 hny each from ME. I will verify with Giga and distribute (If I get anything, haha). I want to be public and open about this. Working with everyone, I learned we all come from different economic backgrounds… a few hundred bucks would be cool for me… but life-changing for another. So since the artists are lagging a bit… I’m putting out this proposal to help inspire as well. We still need a few ACTIVE artists. The clock is ticking… don’t be shy and hit me up.


I think that all of us who have been working on it should receive a little of that honey, once the proposal is approved, because everyone plays an important role in this ship called inspiration, motivation and desire to carry this project forward, starting only from ideas and a lot of enthusiasm, in particular I am a designer, and I feel fortunate to work with such great people here!

We all do a great job and we will evolve with this until we take it to its best!

Thank you Team

@ZER8 @billyjitsu @Gigadig @Rohekbenitez @AbsoluteUnit @project_uwb @alessa234 @metaverde

Great Job!


yes, when i saw this. I reached out to zer8 to see how this was going to be distributed. It will go to a treasury but all active artists will be paid out from this.


if exactly what I mean is everyone involved, artists, devs, or project managers! they must get their pay for effort, because the proof is that we are all working under the same goal!