Play game - Caladont

Well as I saw there is no topic for this of my favorite game I decided to make this caladont area(topic) for playing.Where everyone from this community can relaxe from seriously work and play here beetween bees(members) and win :smiley:
If the community agrees to start the caladont game would be thankfull for that.
If you like this game and idea please live a :+1:
If someone don’t know rules for this game, there is few rules which I gonna write down in this topic.

1.When someone who start with game send the word, you need to send the word which is ending by last 2 letters from person above.
Example - > Person 1: honey Person 2: eyes

2.Most important rule is that if someone send a word that ends in ‘‘ca’’ the another person who sends the next one and notices that the word has ended with a ‘‘ca’’ can finish round sending ‘‘caladont in replay’’ and can start a new round with his word.

3. Person cannot answer on his word but must wait for the other person to answer with another word.


Gonna kick this off with word: train

Not so sure about this game, sounds like it’s better in person rather than a forum where you have time to think and reply.

My word in response: Indica :sweat_smile:

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I’am playing this game from 2016 on every forum I’ve been was like thread for fun and playing -(like caladont, type to 20 before moderator/admin catch you and etc…

caladont. New round. Maybe

I like this game.

Next word is: Vector
Thanks I appreciate you loving this :smiley:

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the next word: ornitology

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My response to ornithology is gynecologist.

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