๐Ÿ“Š [POLL] How did you find HoneySwap/1hive?

Some basic questions I would like to ask and collate analyze how we reached this community accumulation so far

How did you find HoneySwap/1hive ?

My Answer: After UNISWAP airdrop I was searching was prospective defi which would offer similar offerings thats not where I found HoneySwap. Somewhere I was googling upcoming Governance token and thats where somewhere someone mentioned honeyswap in Telegram and about brightId.

A missing medium article dragged me here on how to verifiy on BrightID and acquire some sweet Hny.

What have you used so far ?
  • HoneySwap for swapping funds
  • Provided liquidity to pools only
  • Provided liquidity to pools and farms
  • All

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Ivan mentioned it after the Uniswap airdrop.
I checked it out, hoping of course there would be an airdrop.

I got completely blown away by the DAO and the underlying concept as well as the patience and kindness of the swarm.


Was chatting casually in a telegram group when the issue of eth mainet fees crept up. I said if i can find a dex where i donโ€™t have to pay an arm & leg in fees iโ€™ll dump uniswap faster than you can say UNI :grin: Someone suggested Honeyswap, Tried it and was blown away, i decided to dig further on the team that built it and the rest is history. Iโ€™ve never looked back since.


Ivan mentioned in some of these videos on YouTube, but I didnโ€™t pay enough attention.
One day I was reading things on the Medium and I found an article about Honeyswap.

Hmm โ€ฆ coincidence, I decided to give it a try. Since then Iโ€™ve said โ€ฆ this is the future, trading at lightning speeds with gas taxes close to zero. :honeybee:


I was exploring and reading about Aragon, was interested about their newest projects and development, they had Dao Rush Week organized on Discord. That is where i stumbled upon 1hive discord channel and since then i didnโ€™t look back , 1hive has changed my life !

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I was actually planning to use the data on the Introduce Yourself post to make a general demographic analysis, but I couldnโ€™t have time to do it. So, thanks for going on and making this poll to make things easier for me.

And I first heard honeyswap on Reddit, and then the faucet. I was hesitant at first due to BrightID verification, but then I said โ€œjust do itโ€ to myself and hopped on the discord server.

Then I found out all about what a DAO can achieve, and that I can also contribute with my translations and all. So, I decided to stick around. However, I should also express that our pollen program is the one of the distinguishing point when we compare 1hive with other DAOs, apart from the friendly environment we have.

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So many places I see people are arriving and each one distinctive -

  • Ivans Tech
  • Chico Crypto
  • Medium Articles
  • Reddit (Kudos to ones who are maintaint r/HNY)
  • Telegram Channels

Guess I am the only who came from Rabbit hole of the Internet :grin:


I got into it via my friends which are developing brightid for yearsโ€ฆ I found it nice and in accordance with my valuesโ€ฆ
Iโ€™m a fan for equality, and evolving society across spritual, practical vast moral goals and concernations among society.


Good to see all members are really participating in the whole ecosystem of 1hive. 100% saying they used all - Hoping to see the same participation in upcoming applications like Celeste, NFT initiatives too

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