Pollen(1HIVE/AGVE) weekly payments

I’m not saying pollen gets the work done.
I’m saying it gets the people here to do the work and the people to support the people doing the work.

Community is important.
It’s not all about churning out protocols.
It’s about learning to get along and having fun building things.

That things weren’t getting added to Honeyswap isn’t because of pollen I don’t think.

Honestly there just aren’t that many devs out there. If we could get them paid I’m sure we could hunt them up. I agree pollen isn’t how to do that.

Also, it’s not an either/or thing.
We’re talking about burning unspent Honey.
Can’t we use that to pay devs instead?

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Getting along and enjoying the process is essential in any progress of the project, taking into account that everyone contributes their best and is valued

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I think it is a good idea and project and we can help each other to get better so that we can put the projects in a higher position.